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Avaya Aura Contact Center Software Review

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Avaya Aura Best Fit & Competitors

Sweet Spot
Short list Avaya Aura Contact Center software when:

  • You are a midmarket or enterprise organization seeking a best of breed contact center software solution
  • Seeking contact center software with strong telephony integration/application
  • Seeking strong social network integration and social media engagement capabilities
  • Your company has a customer experience management vision or strategy
  • You already have a CRM product in place for Sales Force Automation and Marketing Management that you want to integrate with a focused contact center solution
  • The Avaya Aura Contact Center software solution is the logical next step for customers who have already deployed the Avaya Aura Call Center Elite or Contact Center Express, or the former Nortel Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) system

Alternative Solutions
Contact Center software buyers may be best advised to consider alternative CRM software products when:

  • There is no CRM software product already in use
  • You desire a balanced CRM suite, with fully integrated SFA, marketing and customer support
  • You desire a cloud or SaaS contact center software solution
  • You are an SMB and total cost of ownership (TCO) and speed of deployment are primary decision factors
  • You are an SMB with limited, or under-staffed IT resources

Avaya Aura Competitors

Avaya faces formidable competition from manufacturers of contact center software, call center software and horizontal CRM software. The most direct CRM customer support and contact center application competitors in the midrange and enterprise customer markets include Aspect, Contactual, Cisco, Envision, Genesys, Merced Systems, Oracle, Parature, SAP, Sword Ciboodle and Teleopti. Avaya also faces increased competition from expanding SaaS contact center providers such as Benchmark Capital (LiveOps), Five9, RightNow and

Concluding Remarks

Avaya's roots are in telephony and that is clearly evident in its call center software offerings. Certainly telephony was once central to contact centers (which were called call centers not so long ago for that very reason). However, Avaya has done an admirable job in staying ahead of cresting trends such as all-IP communications, social media integration and customer experience management. Indeed, this last item is becoming the company's new mantra.

Avaya is articulating a vision to bridge contact center support with customer experience management (CXM). Most professionals recognize CXM value, but fail to recognize how well their own organizations actually stack up in meeting customer expectations. In fact, in a Contact Center survey conducted by Webtorials and sponsored by Avaya, 80 percent of organizations believe they deliver a good or superior customer experience, while only 20% of their customers agree. Similarly, telephone-based customer service remains the most valued by customers; but according to a Forrester Research report, How Consumers Research, Buy and Get Service, on a scale of 1 to 5, less than half of all callers report a satisfaction level of four or five.

Contact centers are an integral component in achieving customer experience management objectives and programs. Avaya is approaching this goal with contact center software technology that delivers coherent, contextual and comprehensive customer service across communication channels, devices and touch points, empowers brands to recognize and respond to customers in the method most meaningful to them, better understand customer preferences in the context of their history and interactions, and maintain context during warm handoffs across channels and resources. The Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite isn't yet a highly recognized brand in the competitive contact center software space, but is clearly making progress with a strong product and forward thinking vision.

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Avaya Aura Review


Avaya Aura Contact Center Review





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