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Avaya Aura CRM Software Review


Avaya Aura Software Pricing

Avaya Aura Contact Center software pricing can vary by suite, module, total and concurrent user counts, and related variables. Here we provide estimated prices with listed components for a 50, a 150, and a 500 agent call center.

Call Center – a voice only agent call center
Volume-based pricing ranges from $300 to $750 per agent for a CC Elite license, depending upon the number of concurrent users. The most typical sale is $575 per agent (list price). Package pricing varies depending on business need for sophisticated routing and service level monitoring intelligence. The average selling price (ASP) is for the core components of Avaya Call Center on Avaya AURA Communication Manager and range from $950- $1,400 per agent. Supplementary components are Call Management System (CMS), Call Center Advanced Segmentation and one-X Agent.

Contact Center - voice and Internet channels (No CTI or IVR)
For operations requiring extensive business applications integration provided by multimedia solutions, pricing for more sophisticated universal routing, queuing, and management of voice and Internet contact ranges from $1800 to $3150 per concurrent user. The core components would be Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) or Interaction Center, and supplementary components include email, video, and web channels plus adapters for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft or AACC includes an integrated agent desktop and reporting components in its base package.

Outbound – Predictive dialing in a standalone environment
One of the options for Avaya Proactive Contact is a stand alone, turnkey solution, in which a predictive dialing solution is delivered complete with digital switch, application server and software, telephony interface cards, a UPS and appropriate network connectors and routers. This stand-alone system can interface directly to the PSTN for both inbound and outbound calls, or it can both send and receive calls through the ACD. See below for pricing.

Integrated Outbound – Predictive outbound dialing in an inbound/outbound environment
Avaya Proactive Contact can provide both inbound and outbound functionality, either in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with an ACD. There are benefits to each approach, depending on the customer's needs and environment. Proactive Contact pricing depends on configuration and whether Preview or Predictive dialing is desired; CTI-based outbound "list price" is $500 per agent license for Preview, and $2,000 for Predictive dialing, and the switch-based "list pricing" option is $2,800 per agent license.

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Avaya Aura Review


Avaya Aura Contact Center Review



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