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Avaya Aura Independent Software Review


Avaya Aura Contact Center Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the CRM contact center software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Avaya Aura Contact Center Strengths

  • All channels and media types are managed in a universal queue and on a single agent desktop interface—a welcome change to agents who are accustomed to switching among UI presentations based upon the particular channel type. Combined with multiple, simultaneous contact handling and context sensitive awareness, the centralized UI desktop promotes simplicity and agent effectiveness.
  • The Contact Center software is very strong at maintaining customer and incident context preservation over multiple channels. The system anchors the customer interaction using the SIP Avaya Media Server which allows agents and supervisors to share and retain customer context, such as the customer's prior activity, historical data and social attributes, and further contribute to customer satisfaction and First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates.
  • Avaya excels past traditional Automated Call Distribution (ACD) routing by leveraging agent skills and group utilization. More intelligent customer case routing benefits from resource selection and work assignment using a work assignment engine—a tool that can review interactions, work items and available resources using a range of variables.
  • The Avaya Social Media Manager identifies relevant social media mentions that deserve agent follow-up. This social monitoring solution listens to social networks and media channels, analyzes keyword matches using intelligent engines and delivers actionable mentions to appropriate resources for response.
  • The company is a strong innovator and a prolific new product producer. It stays at pace or ahead of its competitors in most major communication shifts such as all-IP networks and Unified Communications.
  • Avaya is excellent in all things telephone related while still offering multi-channel support and seamless customer transitions across channels.
  • The Avaya Aura Contact Center software also offers good outbound campaign management—which can be very helpful to contact centers involved in renewal, up-sell or cross-sell campaigns.
  • Avaya sells many of its contact center software products and tools a la carte and in bundles. This is a very helpful option in permitting companies to stage their contact center software implementations over time or to choose how much business software they desire at any particular point in time. It also helps mitigate the all too common shelfware problem.
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) integrates with most popular CRM products (although the depth of integration varies significantly by CRM solution).
  • The system is extremely scalable. When Avaya Aura Session Manager is deployed, AACC 6.2 supports up to 90,000 agents in a single virtual network (30 nodes) with 3,000 voice-only or 3,000 multimedia agents per node (multiple servers), a 200% increase over previous capacity of 1,000 agents per node.
  • The company's business philosophy seems to show a combination of R&D for innovation while continuing technical support for acquired technologies and older Avaya products.
  • Avaya is recognized global brand and enjoys a good reputation. Despite is large size, customer complaints about its software products are difficult to find.

Avaya Aura Contact Center Weaknesses

  • While the Unified Desktop user interface (UI) is logically sound and structurally organized for intuitive navigation, it can initially appear overwhelming to new agents, and definitely requires a significant up front training investment.
  • Products throughout the Avaya Contact Center software suite display a dated UI. Avaya has yet to embrace the consumerization of IT and leverage more social technologies into its call center software.
  • The Contact Center software suite doesn't include a reasonable offering for knowledgebase management.
  • The lack of a visual software customization tool or a third party, pre-integrated online app store leaves customers with few good options when the contact center software is missing particular feature sets or requires modification to support unique business processes.
  • Avaya delivers most of the basic reports, but doesn't offer advanced business intelligence (BI) tools or capabilities such as data warehousing, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining, data modeling or predictive analytics.
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center software is a best of breed customer support application, and does not offer other integrated CRM applications such as SFA and marketing. This may challenge, but not necessarily prevent, customers from achieving a 360 degree view of the customer relationship.
  • Avaya Aura Contact Center software, like several of its traditional on-premises, enterprise software rivals such as Cisco and Genesys, is complex to install and requires a lengthy deployment with plenty of consultants and professional services.
  • Unlike SaaS contact center software systems, AACC requires dedicated IT resourcing for system administration, database administration, system maintenance and general IT support. This is a significant obstacle for SMB organizations.
  • The company lacks in the single highest growth segment of the contact center software market—Software as a Service (SaaS). Hosting options are available, however, fail to deliver SaaS benefits and SLA's are weak. If the company continues to sit on the SaaS sidelines it will unquestionably lose market share to more technology savvy competitors.
  • Despite its company size and brand, the company has a recognition and messaging problem for its contact center software solutions. Avaya Aura Contact Center is not nearly as recognized as many smaller competitors in the marketplace. Beyond the fact that the brand name 'Aura' is actually a well recognized medical term defined as "a symptom experienced before a migraine or seizure", which perhaps doesn't convey the right perception just before a complex contact center software implementation, the product itself needs improved positioning. Among 86 CRMsearch readers who identified themselves as seeking a new contact center software solution, only 9 were aware of Avaya as a contender.

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Avaya Aura Review


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