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CRM consultants accelerate time to value, recommend business process enhancements, facilitate change management, enable greater utilization of CRM software systems and reduce implementation risk. Yet, many CRM software buyers struggle to evaluate, compare and engage CRM consultants. The process is further complicated as no two consultants or consulting firms are equal or offer their services in a like structure or objective manner. This CRM Search channel brings structure, advice and insight to both IT buyers hiring consultants and CRM consultants engaging customers. CRM Consultants
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Professional services providers play an integral role in CRM software selection, implementation, upgrades and optimization projects. This forum shares curated and original content, news and views, and periodically updated research and analysis results related to CRM consultants and professional services topics and trends.

Featured CRM Consultant Articles

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10 Signs Where You Can Benefit Big Time From a CRM Consultant
CRM Consultant A CRM consultant can bring clarity, objectivity, analytic thinking, strategic planning, technical mastery and an understanding of customer-based processes—and use these skills to accelerate and get much more value from a CRM project. Here are 10 signs that clearly let you know when you can benefit from a CRM consultant.
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Choosing The Right CRM Consultant
CRM Consultant Selection When considering CRM implementations or upgrades, most organizations choose to focus their in-house talent on efforts related to their core business, and rely on outside experts for the application and technology specific areas. But specifically how do you choose the right CRM consultant? The first step in choosing the right CRM consultant has nothing to do with the consultant at all; instead ...
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Key Factors To Successful Consulting Relationships
CRM Consulting Relationship CRM consultants, just like their clients, value advance planning, clear communication, full disclosure and prompt response. While such expectations don't sound novel, they're often not conscientiously implemented and realized during a CRM project. This article examines the methods you can use to minimize downside risk and forge a productive relationship with your consultant.
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Change Management | The Not So Secret Ingredient to CRM Success
Change Management For a customer relationship management (CRM) implementation effort to succeed, the company’s culture must change. Yet failing to prepare and fund organizational change as part of a CRM initiative is commonplace, says CRM expert Paul Greenberg. Greenberg says that change is seen as intangible (i.e., unmeasurable), and therefore not relevant.
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A Two Step Process to ERP & CRM Consultant Selection
Consultant Selection Karen points out why separating the software selection consultants from the software implementation consultants can maximize your opportunity to leverage the highest and best skills of both while maintaining integrity and objectivity in a project where the result will have long-term and deep implication on your company's IT investments and business processes.
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Managed Services Providers: A Growing Consulting Alternative
MSP Research from Ovum and In-Stat show continued MSP growth. This rise of cloud computing, the large scale market acceptance of software as a service and a challenging economy all contribute to MSP growth. Like cloud computing itself, MSPs can reduce capital expenditures, relieve internal IT labor and allow business managers to refocus on the company’s core competency.
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CRM Consultant Selection: Learning From The Experience of Others
CRM Consultant Selection Leveraging outside consultants to bring structure, insight and advice to the CRM software selection process can decrease time and risk while increasing confidence and the probability of choosing the optimal CRM system. However, the consultant selection process is based on limited information, subjective measurement and claims that are difficult to fully validate.

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  Top Twelve Evaluation Criteria For CRM Professional Services Selection
Bill Band There are huge risks to working productively with CRM consulting or systems integration providers. In Bill Band's study, he found that four out of 10 would not recommend their CRM Professional Services Provider (PSP) to others after the work was completed. He recommends that you use twelve evaluation criteria to increase your odds of success. More ... Go To

Consulting Briefs

  • Forrester Ranks IBM Top Services Provider
    IBM has been ranked as the top information technology services provider by Forrester Research. "The Coming Upheaval in Tech Services," published by Forrester in July focused on upcoming changes in the technology services market and ranked the top 10 service providers by revenue. The report also predicted which firms will rank in the top 10 in 2020, forecasting that new competitors will emerge as others fade or consolidate. The report has projected IBM to maintain the top position through the year 2020. Forrester Research's report reviews four factors that it believes will dramatically change the dynamics, economics, and competitive landscape of IT services over the next three to four years. The restructuring economy, innovation moving toward the edge of the enterprise, redefining of buying, and the increased consumption of technology provided "as-a-service" were all named as factors that will contribute to the transformation. End

  • PwC Acquires Diamond
    PricewaterhouseCoopers ("PwC") acquisition of Diamond Management & Technology Consultants (Diamond) announced last week looks like a synergistic combination in terms of services, client bases, and cultures. PwC has been steadily rebuilding its technology consulting services after divesting its original technology consulting practice to IBM in 2002 for $3.5 billion at a time when accounting firms were spinning off or selling their consulting units in the wake of corporate scandals and new Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Both firms have dedicated lines of business to the major CRM software brands (SAP, Oracle/Siebel,, however, each has created unique core competencies in terms of depth of resources, speed of implementation, software development and software as a service. The resulting combination has yet to decipher has these competencies can be merged, or will be lost, however, CRMsearch will deliver a PwC professional services article when the dust settles. End




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