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Customer relationship management is a journey, often advanced with small but continuous incremental, iterative and progressive steps which steadily improve customer relationships and achieve organizational objectives. CRM strategies and supporting CRM software systems must evolve to keep pace with changes to business strategies, business processes and customer behaviors. This channel provides recommendations to advance your customer strategies and increase your CRM software technology return on investment. CRM Improvements
CRM Journey
CRM is neither a project nor a destination. Unlike many software technology projects, with CRM software adoption there is no end. CRM strategy and supporting software is a continuous journey and those organizations that are most successful repeatedly assess, learn and make adjustments - and then repeat the closed loop process all over again.

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The CRM Maturity Model
CRM Maturity Model CRM isn’t a one-and-done technology project. It’s a journey. The CRM Maturity Model helps proactively navigate the journey and identifies how to keep your CRM strategy and software in alignment with your customers evolution. This approach helps better engage customers, influence spend behavior, grow customer share, increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and keep your customers longer.
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CRM Consolidation — Getting From CRM Siloes to Enterprise Wide CRM
CRM Consolidation A common challenge of large companies is the consolidation of many separate and siloed CRM systems into a single, enterprise-wide CRM application. Many times large or decentralized businesses accumulate separate CRM systems via acquisitions or departmental initiatives. Here are some recommendations and program governance measures to help get everybody on the same application.
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5 Ways to Guarantee CRM Software ROI
CRM ROI By turning some of the typical CRM software challenges into opportunities, organizations can further advance today's CRM solutions into powerhouses of information and customer relationship-building tools. Here are the top 5 methods savvy executives and IT pros can take to ensure their customer relationship management (CRM) software investment pays off.
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Taking Your CRM System To The Next Level
CRM System If you think you are getting the most out of your CRM system, consider the possibility that you're wrong. Blending achievements such as unified customer records and personalized messaging with new CRM capabilities such as social media integration, mobile CRM and business intelligence or analytics can take your CRM system to the next level. Here's how.
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The Rise of CRM App Stores
CRM App Stores SaaS CRM vendors look prophetic at the moment, showing up just ahead of the rise of cloud computing and the demand for everything as a service. Several have even launched their own third-party app stores tapping yet another wildly popular trend. While Microsoft and Salesforce are indeed pushing ahead of the pack on third-party app marketplaces, they are not the only players in the field.
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The CRM App Store Conundrum
CRM App Store Online CRM ecosystems and third party marketplaces of pre-integrated and complimentary software products bring new options to CRM users. But they're also causing an unplanned disruption to CRM software vendors—as many may integrate to a CRM product, but don't mandate using that CRM solution. Further, these online app stores are just about out of reach for non-cloud CRM players.
3.5 stars
The CRM Journey From Construction to Production to Continuous Improvement
CRM Journey Aligning CRM software with CRM strategy is a journey that requires constant care and feeding. A successful implementation isn't a conclusion, it's the beginning of the journey. The first day of post-implementation marks the transition from designing CRM software to achieve CRM strategy to actually executing the mission.
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4 Ways to Make Your CRM System More Productive
CRM Productivity The more effectively you integrate your business processes with your CRM software the more quickly you will achieve your goals and a sustained payback. That means achieving automation, productivity and information deliverability for all customer facing staff – which is not accomplished in a one-time implementation event. Here are four ways to get more out of your CRM investment.
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How To Get More Payback From Your CRM Software Investment
CRM Payback Even if you get the expected ROI from your new CRM software system, it doesn't mean you've gotten the maximum out of it. By observing a few simple principles and fine-tuning your processes you can make your CRM project even more productive, probably in ways that aren't immediately obvious. Here are some suggestions to get more payback from your CRM investment.
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CRM Strategy and Systems Must Adapt to Fluid Customer Behaviors
CRM Systems CRM strategy and supporting CRM systems must mimic and adapt to your constantly evolving business environment. Failure to continually measure, monitor and improve your CRM processes and systems will leave your business strategy and CRM systems misaligned. Case in point: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines failure to recognize their customers distress during a cruise to Haiti.
Special Report  New CRM Software Optimization: A Best Practices Approach
So once the CRM implementation is complete, what comes next?
Too many companies falsely believe an implementation go-live event marks the culmination of their CRM effort. Such a mistake will lead to luke warm user adoption, waning effectiveness over time, poor ROI and even risk CRM failure. To prevent this mistake, CRM expert Denise Holland delivers the best practices and specific examples to advance a CRM software implementation into a journey of continuous improvement in order to grow application utilization, achieve process efficiencies, maximize CRM software effectiveness and continually increase investment ROI. Read the CRM Optimization report »
CRM Optimization


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