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RightNow Technologies Company Viability Review


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RightNow Vendor Viability

RightNow has a 13 year track record in the enterprise software industry, and over five years as a cloud CRM provider. The company has achieved an impressive 13 year run of continuous revenue growth. 2011 financial performance is impressive. Total revenues, recurring revenues, software backlog, most margins, profits and stock price are all on the increase. Overall, RightNow is profitable, growing and managing a strong balance sheet.

However, RightNow faces formidable competition in each of the four primary sectors which it competes.

  • Within the traditional CRM software sector, RightNow faces much larger competitors such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Oracle's Siebel solution and SAP's CRM retain a solid lead over all other CRM software competitors.
  • Within the SaaS CRM competitive landscape, and even the more specific SaaS CRM for contact center solutions which is RightNow's strength, the company faces strong competition from larger competitors including Oracle's CRM on Demand, with its relatively new Service Cloud 3, Pegasystems and to a lesser extent Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Within the social CRM market, RightNow competes with both an array of innovative emerging companies that have earned first mover advantage such as Jive Software and Lithium as well as cloud CRM vendors making aggressive moves into social such as
  • In the Web experience solutions industry, RightNow competes with a mix of large vendors and innovative start-ups such as ATG, eGain, Genesys, Kana and nGenera.

Clearly, RightNow's intent is to deliver a competitive CRM solution that encompasses each of these four areas in a fully integrated, single vendor solution. However, such intent is extremely similar to direct competitors Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft.

At a more tactical level, the company is pursuing a financial target model which includes increasing operating income from the current level of just over 10% on average, to a target amount of 18% to 22%. It is approximately half way through a four year plan and thus far is achieving its financial objectives. The company's financial conservatism, governance and transparency is not the norm among cloud CRM or SaaS solution providers—and is a direct reflection of CEO Greg Gianforte's fiscal governance and management style.

The company plans to continue a go to market strategy which includes vertical market penetration. CEO Gianforte suggests that there is extraordinary growth opportunity in seven verticals composing a population of just over three thousand companies. The common element among targeted industries is the consumer focus. RightNow's industry expansion is largely in the business-to-consumer (B2C), government-to-consumer (G2C) and higher education-to-student markets.

Despite being much smaller than direct competitors, RightNow's governance model provides a level of transparency while the company's operating history gives a level of predictability not often found in the CRM software industry.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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