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Contact Center Experience

As the software name suggests, the Contact Center Experience is a case driven application designed to consistently deliver superior customer experiences across phone and multi-channel interactions. However, the Contact Center Experience is not your typical case driven customer support application. Sure, it's designed to record, track, escalate and resolve customer issues, and as importantly to increase agent productivity, lower costs, and drive revenue through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. But while the tactics and mission resemble competitor products and address management objectives, the methods and tools are much more unique.

Multi-channel support is more than simply creating an incident record from differing channel sources. Prospects and customers use varying channels and even cross channels mid-stream—and agents must be able to sync these records, view them in a holistic fashion and leverage all available information to provide accurate responses. RightNow is particularly strong in its core capability to assemble all customer interactions in a unified thread to ensure a consistent cross-channel customer experience.

With a comprehensive customer view, the RightNow technology aids agents with a SmartGuide troubleshooting tool, SmartAssistant keyword searching, decision-tree style scripts, a rich knowledgebase, customizable workflow processes and contextual menus and forms. Also, scripts and guided agent solutions are not just for resolving customer issues, but can be dynamically applied to facilitate up-selling and cross-selling.

RightNow's Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tools are among the best in the contact center software industry—and are tightly integrated with the Dynamic Agent Desktop. The Communications Enabled Desktop offers packaged integration to popular call center tools (such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Interactive Intelligence) for desktop call control, screen pops, and multi-channel queuing and routing.

The company's Voice Experience Management applications identify, segment, and route callers based on queues and/or sophisticated business rules. Agents are greeted with screen-pops that auto-populate caller IVR input, customer record information and dynamic agent scripts depending upon the business process scenario. The RightNow Desktop Workflow tool can sequence the business process steps to guide agents through a service response with consistency and automation. Based on responses, dynamic scripts can call other scripts if necessary.

The dynamic agent desktop steps agents through tasks and customer interactions to deliver guided assistance through a series of progressively more detailed questions and answers which systemically direct agents to the most appropriate resolutions in the shortest time. If resources become exhausted, very flexible escalation and routing rules aid seamless transitions to successive tiers of support. When complete, satisfaction surveys can conclude the process automation, or flag an incident believed to be closed as dissatisfied and escalate the issue as appropriate. Contextually delivering the right information at the right time maximizes the agents productivity while ensuring consistent customer responses, decreasing resolution times, increasing first call resolution (FCR) rates and maintaining Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.

RightNow tools enable flexible rules for automating high volume business processes as well as those unique or exception events which normally incur manual intervention and consume hours of labor. While impressive contact center functionality, the Dynamic Agent Desktop requires a fat client download, which goes against the grain of Software as a Service (SaaS), and inherits software maintenance and management responsibilities associated with in-house systems. More on this in the RightNow technology review.

Service contracts and entitlement capabilities can align customers with designated levels of service. However, this functionality can fall short for inventory-carrying organizations whose service contracts must specify product SKUs or who require serial and lot tracking, product registration, warranty management or service level agreements by product.

Agent turnover is a constant contact center challenge. CRM software can assist this challenge with strong ease of use that minimizes training and delivers a rewarding user experience. RightNow's user interface (UI) is a traditional desktop presentation—left margin accordion menus, Microsoft office like ribbon bar and tabs for record-based page displays. The agents UI is much more Windows desktop like than browser based. This may turn off some buyers seeking new and expanding products that leverage consumer technologies and browser-based ease of use.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review






RightNow is particularly strong in its core capability to assemble multi-channel customer interactions in a unified thread to ensure a consistent cross-channel customer experience.


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