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RightNow Technologies CRM Review


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Despite being a formidable CRM software competitor, RightNow's product line doesn't fit as squarely into the traditional CRM review format which begins with an examination of sales, marketing and service. Nonetheless, for this RightNow review we will try to strike of balance to maintain continuity in format with other CRM software reviews as well as give deeper assessment to the unique aspects of RightNow Technologies offerings.

RightNow's flagship product is RightNow CX (Customer Experience), and includes its own product portfolio of Contact Center Experience, Web Experience, Social Experience and an underlying Cloud Platform.

Sales Force Automation

CRM software suites are often born from either sales force automation (SFA) or customer service—and that origin application becomes the manufacturer's hallmark —with other modules arriving later and without the same strength and competitiveness. RightNow was born from customer service and that aspect of its software is clearly its core competency.

RightNow has a varying history with SFA software. The company developed an SFA system with mixed results. After failing to gain traction, the company acquired Boston-based SaaS SFA company Salesnet in May 2006 for $9 million in order to bolster its SFA capabilities. However, a combination of difficult technology integration and a steady change in product strategy that de-emphasized sales in favor of customer support ultimately jettisoned Salesnet to become an independent operating unit—headquartered far from Bozeman in the Atlanta area. Today, Salesnet and RightNow are separate entities with separate applications that are not integrated. Each company stands on its own and targets its slice of the CRM software market.

RightNow Sales Automation (SA) is an SFA-like product that accommodates basic account/contact/activity/opportunity management and delivers standard reporting such as pipelines and forecasts. Not surprisingly, Sales Automation is closely linked with the contact center. While the basics of SFA are covered, RightNow is not known for its SFA software, and in fact rarely pursues software sale opportunities where SFA is a driver. The RightNow CX application is better positioned where SFA is a component of a larger customer service or customer experience engagement.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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