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RightNow Technologies CRM Review


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Deployment Considerations

RightNow is not a provision today, use tomorrow SaaS CRM system. Sophisticated CRM software comes with a price—an investment of time, planning and resources are required to achieve a predictable implementation outcome and return on software investment. RightNow CX is not a cloud CRM system to be provisioned and quickly rushed to a pilot or production-ready environment.

RightNow software configuration is powerful, but to benefit from that power requires alignment between software capabilities and specific business objectives. Similarly, the RightNow workflow can automate business processes to increase productivity and decrease cycle times, but such ability mandates knowing your business processes in detail—and most likely, not the businesses processes as they currently exist, but as they will benefit from re-engineering and process optimization. Integration among CRM applications, telephone systems, self service portals, online communities and more allows business processes to traverse operating units, consolidate data in a single system of record, deliver a single version of the truth to all customer facing staff and serve customers across channels. And such integration requires sufficient implementation time and effort. These simple examples illustrate the types of investment and payback that necessitate up front planning and require a proper implementation. Most RightNow implementations are measured in months, not weeks.

Partners & Alliances

The RightNow partner network is a small but mature network of partners available to assist RightNow customers with implementation and support. The four partner types include:

  • System Integrators which are largely regional and global firms who deliver professional services including, deployment, integration, change management, and strategic business process consulting. Companies such as Accenture and Helix fall within this program.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) normally extend the CRM product with complementary software solutions or consulting services, often in the B2C or B2B2C market segments and across different industries. For example, Interactive Intelligence offers integrated business communications products.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) sell, deliver and support RightNow solutions, often along industry lines. Outsourcers such as Convergys, Teleperformance and SITEL are popular MSP partners.
  • Value Added Resellers (VARs) resell RightNow and generally offer implementation services and support. VARs are often used for global geographical coverage in less dominant international regions as well as for customers seeking a local partner. VARs include companies such as TELUS, Datam and M2 Technologies.


Unlike many cloud CRM systems, RightNow does not support an active ecosystem and online marketplace of integrated third party products. RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte has in the past responded, "The number one complaint [customers] have about software vendors is that they can't be accountable to their customers, and there's no way I can be accountable to my customers if I show up and hand them a catalog and say pick anything you want." While shared responsibility among publishers and their partners is a challenge to be mitigated, simply not having a third party ecosystem is not a strength.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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