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RightNow Technologies CRM and Hosting Review


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Data Center Hosting and Software Delivery

RightNow is only available in the software as a service delivery model. There is no option for a private cloud or on-premises installation.

RightNow took a risky step in 2007 to abandon its on-premise business and focus solely in the on-demand CRM market. It was a bold step for a public company that would surely incur at least a short term financial penalty from the public markets as the company bore the immediate effects of transitioning from up front cash collections associated with the software licensing model to a subscription model based on deferred revenues extended over many future periods. The company sustained a transitory hit from the public markets for the change, however, reaffirmed its full commitment to the cloud and over time attracted a more compelling valuation model that reflects the value of a growth industry and annuity revenue streams.

The company delivers is SaaS CRM software from five data centers located in Santa Clara, California (Savvis), Elk Grove, Illinois (Equinix), London, England (IBM), Toronto, Canada (Telus) and Sydney, Australia. The Canadian data center is co-managed with RightNow customer and partner Telus. Within each RightNow data center, customers are provisioned and reside within dedicated pods. Pods may be configured for particular industry objectives. For example, some pods are PCI compliant (e.g. data in these pods is encrypted) or DISA compliant (for public sector and Government compliance). Also, certain types of pods incur additional fees.

In the event of data center interruption, fail-over reverts to another production data center as the disaster recovery location, or for sustained interruptions fail-over may revert to a disaster recovery data center maintained at the company headquarters in Bozeman, Montana. RightNow data centers have achieved several industry recognized certifications, including SAS70 Type II, SSAE 16 (aka SAS 16), NIST, FISMA and PCI-SSC.

RightNow Service Level Agreement

RightNow's Cloud Service Agreement (CSA) sets the bar in several areas for Service Level Agreements (SLA) in the cloud CRM industry.

RightNow SLA guaranteed CRM software uptime is 99.5% for the Preferred Support plan or 99.95% for the Premium Support plan. The company assumes planned maintenance windows of about five days per quarter.

RightNow really puts in money where its mouth is when it comes to guaranteeing hosting performance. If and when SLA compliance is not met, the company will refund a portion of the customers subscription fees. Cash refunds are very unusual in a SaaS CRM industry that normally grants limited credits for failing to achieve SLA compliance.

RightNow does not provide online performance visibility in the public domain as some other SaaS CRM competitors do. However, a Cloud Services Portal does give customers some operational visibility to their CRM deployment, including real-time status monitoring, bandwidth usage and usage metrics.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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