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RightNow Technologies CRM Pricing Review


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RightNow Software Pricing

RightNow offers pricing flexibility that gives customers choice, as opposed to the all too common pricing flexibility used for software vendor gamesmanship. RightNow CRM software pricing is based on an annual pool of seat months—using either named users or concurrent users. The annual pooling provides great flexibility for customers with seasonal fluctuations or peak period demands. Permitting the customer to choose a CRM pricing model based on either named users or concurrent users allows even more flexibility.

For budgetary planning, RightNow pricing is outlined as follows:

  • Standard seat named user pricing is $110.00 per user per month. Alternatively, customers may select concurrent user pricing at a 3 to 1 ratio, meaning that a concurrent user license is priced at $330.00.
    The Standard Desktop includes features from the Web Experience (ERMS, Web Designer), certain features from the Contact Center Experience, Engage (Sales and Analytics), and Platform (Connect Data Integration, Connect Web Services, Mission Critical SaaS, Knowledge Foundation).
  • Enterprise seat pricing is $140.00 per user per month. Alternatively, as with the standard seat license, the enterprise seat concurrent license may be purchased at a 3 to 1 ratio, meaning that a concurrent user license is priced at $330.00.
    The Enterprise Desktop starts with the Standard Desktop and adds functionality within the Contact Center Experience (Guided Assistance), Social Experience (Cloud Monitor), Engage Experience (Feedback and Marketing), and Platform (Desktop Add-In Framework).
  • Enterprise call center seat pricing is $250.00 per user per month. Alternatively, customers may select concurrent user pricing at a 1.8 to 1 ratio, meaning that an enterprise call center concurrent user license is priced at $450.00.
    The Enterprise Contact Center Desktop includes the Enterprise desktop plus functionality within the Web Experience (Chat, Product Registration), Contact Center Experience (Agent Scripting and Desktop Workflow), and additional software add-ons.

There are additional fees for supplemental products, such as the hosting of SSL certificates, outgoing email distributions, additional sandboxes and web components such as customer self service (which has a per session charge). Pricing varies so contact RightNow directly to better understand options and costs.

As part of RightNow's Cloud Service Agreement the company includes procurement language to reduce risk and provide increased buyer confidence.

The agreement specifies maximum annual pricing for up to six years, which includes a three year contract at a fixed amount and an additional three year renewal with designated price caps. The subsequent three year renewal price caps are at 15%. That's high. Normally, price increases are aligned with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or an annual fixed amount far less than 15%. Consider this is a negotiable item.

All too often, new customers must commit to a maximum user count in order to secure an aggressive discount or more flexible subscription agreement terms from their CRM vendor. However, when the company incurs project delays, changes in staffing levels, divestitures or other unplanned events, the user count never reaches that maximum level so the company pays for excess software. The RightNow CSA provides mitigation for this shelfware-as-a-service problem by permitting customers to dial up or down user levels with a 90 day notice. The annual usage-level alignment also permits monthly rollover usage to address seasonal peaks. This is particularly helpful for customers that have to staff up for short seasonal or peak demand periods, but don't want to pay for idle subscriptions not used during the rest of the year.

Additionally, and possibly most important, the CSA includes a termination for convenience clause. This is unique and a welcome addition for CRM buyers.

RightNow will permit 90 day pre-purchase pilots for qualified prospects. These try-before-you-buy programs use the actual production software (not a limited trial system) and are helpful in allaying fears or hesitation before making a purchase commitment as well as flushing out items early so they can be planned for during the real implementation. You will likely need vendor or partner support—professional services which you will most likely be required to pay for—but such support will accelerate the pilot experience, validate expectations and dove tail into the actual implementation project.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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