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RightNow Technologies CRM and Social CRM Review


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RightNow Social CRM

RightNow brands their social CRM (sCRM) solutions under the Social Experience product banner. Social Experience consists of social monitoring and online communities.

The RightNow Cloud Monitor scans social networks and online channels to identify conversations about your company or its products taking place on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, your RightNow online community, and other RSS feeds from the blogosphere, so you can listen, join the conversation and engage customers.

A sale inquiry made through a social network can be automatically appended to that customer's profile and routed to an agent for follow-up. A complaint about a product or service can be caught, routed to an agent for resolution or action, and with any luck either mitigated or turned into a positive experience.

The Smart Sense for Internet jargon, or short words support, aligns your customer experience targeting with the abbreviated language often used in today's online communications. This solution comes preloaded with more than 1,800 online expressions (i.e. LOL, brb, IMHO, etc.) to the Smart Sense emotion detection. This opens up social monitoring to social networks that use Smart Sense ratings including incident threads and survey responses.

Sometimes called social listening, the Cloud Monitor permits brand owners to discover where their prospects and customers are talking about them—and what they're saying. With this information, businesses can learn from customer sentiment and then respond intelligently. Social monitoring is also helpful for voice of the customer (VOC) programs. The social web spurs many conversations that can help or harm your brand. Only when you know of these conversations can you influence the outcomes.

Cloud Monitor search definitions are extremely simple—limited to keyword search terms and a list of search destination sources. It lacks some of the advanced options found in best of breed tools but gets the job done for first time users. An emotion detection scale attempts to rate and stack rank discovered content by sentiment analysis. It's a crude analysis, but very helpful in identifying potential high impact issues and prioritizing responses. Even better, for issues requiring a product resolution, the SmartAssistant can suggest resolutions to the social content allowing the agent to immediately respond to the social customer or the social network. The Cloud Monitor can also mix social interactions into other incident management workflows.

RightNow online communities consist of Support Communities and Innovation Communities.

Support Community is an online peer-to-peer community tool to help customers help each other. The Support Community includes important functions such as a reputation engine to reward customer participation and expertise, Q&A pairs, moderation intervention, escalation rules and single sign on. Integration points with RightNow's Agent Desktop and Customer Portal, and syndicated widgets, contribute to a smooth transition across channels.

By empowering customers to openly ask questions and find answers in an online community, brand owners grow a sub-group of customer product experts which in turn become brand advocates. The collective community contributions generate large scale reusable content for the knowledge base, engage customers in authentic conversations that increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty and achieve call deflection for the contact center.

Innovation Community harnesses the ideas of your most vocal, loyal and opinionated customers into organized ideation and innovation processes. Customers are both knowledgeable and critical about the products and services they buy and use. Channeling their enthusiasm and opinions in a jointly constructive manner can help you prioritize and refine ideas, improve your products, identify new products or business opportunities, guide your product roadmap and maybe lead you to the next breakthrough product—all while reducing R&D time and cost.

The RightNow Innovation Community helps you engage and collaborate with customers by providing a forum for customers to submit ideas and vote for their favorites, discussion forums to let customers share their experiences and forge lasting personal connections, and a reputation engine to reward customer participation and expertise. Innovation may be the final sustainable frontier in achieving competitive advantage. Soliciting the most passionate and knowledgeable members of your customer market and collectively crowdsourcing new ideas is a powerful weapon in advancing the innovation agenda.

The missing social component for RightNow is an internal collaboration platform that brings together social streams in a secure, private environment. Competing products such as's Chatter, NetSuite's Yammer and SugarCRM's Activity Streams are empowering push-based information in a proactive manner, so rather than making people search for CRM records, data and documents, information is proactively fed to them via real-time activity streams to personal landing pages. Users can subscribe to follow open support cases, SLA contracts in jeopardy, important sale opportunities or top customer accounts as they occur.

RightNow's social tools are impressive by themselves, but it is their tight integration with the underlying Contact Center Experience that gives RightNow an edge in customer service and customer experience solutions.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review






Innovation may be the final sustainable frontier in achieving competitive advantage. Soliciting the most passionate and knowledgeable members of your customer market and collectively crowdsourcing new ideas is a powerful weapon in advancing the innovation agenda.


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