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Software Integration

RightNow Connect uses industry standard APIs (Application Program Interfaces) that permit external systems to consume CRM data with varying levels of application logic and enforced system integrity. Connect delivers integration capabilities for the three integration patterns of data, desktop and web. Data Integration can provide real-time access or synchronization of data across disparate platforms and locations. Desktop Integration is designed to extend, unify or automate the dynamic agent desktop which includes the agent workflow, scripting and contextual workspaces. The Web Integration extends RightNow CX to third party or legacy web solutions through integration of data and services at the application server, website or agent desktop.

RightNow Connect can optionally use SOAP-based web services. The Connect Web Services for SOAP data integration API references SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1 and WS-I Basic Profile. The service supports CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) access to the RightNow Common Object Model and the RightNow Object Query Language provides a backward compatible SQL like query language for querying the RightNow database. There is also a Connect Add-In Framework for the RightNow agent desktop, allowing integration developers to build custom .NET components that reside in the RightNow agent desktop and extend or integrate the agent desktop with external systems to support more unified business processes. The Connect JavaScript integration permits web developers to integrate mash-ups and web applications with RightNow workspace data using JavaScript. Finally, an ODBC access connection can read data from a replicated database, thereby reducing load on production systems for processes such as intensive reporting, messaging data or performing offline data modeling.

There are also third party system integration solutions to accelerate the most common integration requirements. For example, software integration solutions from Dell Boomi, Pervasive and the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron software or appliance deliver pre-built integration programs which empower customers to configure, not code, a variety of common data exchange scenarios—such as integration with accounting or ERP software, other SaaS applications, major databases, middleware tools, XML web services and simple flat files (i.e. Excel or HTML). Both Boomi and Pervasive use the newer SOAP APIs while Cast Iron continues to use the older XML API. As an interesting verification point, RightNow internally uses the Boomi integration to integrate both the Marketo marketing automation system and the NetSuite ERP system to its internal and proprietary customer service systems.

Software Customization

Particularly in the enterprise market which RightNow serves, one size fits all CRM is not a reality and customers must have enterprise class tools to adapt CRM software to their unique business requirements.

As part of the CX Cloud Platform, the RightNow App Builder uses a suite of tools to extend and integrate RightNow with third party applications or legacy systems. The App Builder permits administrators to configure user interfaces and presentation layer logic with drag-and-drop visual editors, or customize new applications in the database and expose them in the presentation interface with standard web technologies such as HTML, PHP, XML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The Custom Object Designer permits administrators and integrators to build and manage Custom Objects directly in the application. Contact center examples of custom objects may include asset tracking, defect management, ITIL processes, product registration, return merchandise authorization (RMA) or warranty management. The Custom Objects in the CRM app extend the apps into the database schema and make those apps consumable throughout RightNow CX. The methodology supports minimal ongoing maintenance and straight forward upgrades.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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