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RightNow Technologies CRM Review


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Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the cloud CRM market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

RightNow Strengths:

  • RightNow is a market leader for B2C and B2B companies seeking customer service and support CRM applications. The company's products excel in multi-channel support, case management, knowledge management and overall customer experience management.
  • Strong social and collaborative tools permit businesses to create customer and partner communities, promote user to user engagement, attain information from social networks and social streams, and configure mash-ups to merge data from multiple sources.
  • Despite a weak sales force automation (SFA) function, the marketing software is impressive with deep functionality and notable predictive analytics.
  • The Natural Language Search gained from the Q-go acquisition offers a unique best-in-class semantic search technology. The natural language search applies algorithms against industry specific linguistic dictionaries and local language sets to decipher query intent and return more relevant responses.
  • The application offers unique voice enablement capabilities. A suite of voice-enabled CRM products include a voice interface to knowledge base, incident management, locator, status applications, password reset, survey, and one number routing. This has particular value for government and public sector section 508 disabilities compliance.
  • Multi-national companies concerned with global online performance (i.e. latency, jitter, packet loss, etc.) or data at rest location may find advantages as RightNow hosts its CRM software from five data centers in four countries and three continents. From a performance standpoint alone, customers in areas such as Australia and New Zealand suggest data center location is influential in their decision making.

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RightNow Weaknesses:

  • An uneven CRM software suite. Sales force automation (SFA) is not nearly as strong as service.
  • No offline client is available to access the application or at least limited data while disconnected from the Web.
  • No third party ecosystem or online marketplace of integrated third party products.
  • A smart/fat client technology and heavy client side downloads are not conducive to thin client, browser-based, software maintenance-free computing.
  • RightNow's messaging to throw CRM under the bus does a disservice to the industry and customers. Citing high CRM software failure rates and trying to carve out a new category confuses the market. Yes, CRM software failure rates have been historically high and they're not coming down fast enough or far enough, but they are coming down and the CRM industry is a growing $14 billion industry in large part because of the immense value it providers in building customer relationships.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review



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