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RightNow Technologies CRM Review


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RightNow Web Experience

Rounding out our RightNow CX review is the Web Experience product. This solution gives customers always available access to your organization with a branded online customer portal available from their desktop or smartphone. Web Experience empowers customers to serve themselves, interact with an online agent or seamlessly transition to agent voice assisted channels.

The Customer Portal is an actual framework for building and delivering online customer self-service web pages. It includes Chat, Co-Browse, Guided Assistance, and Email Management functions as well as a library of widgets that can be used to further customize the customer service experience. Customer Portal is a flexible and fairly feature rich framework for customers wanting to offer customer service from their web site.

Other Key CRM Capabilities

  • Mobile CRM support is available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and Android. With each mobile CRM device, data resides in the cloud and not on the device. Unfortunately, mobile support is largely limited to service functions such as chat, knowledgebase and web forms, and does not include Sales Force Automation access.
  • Groupware integration is largely limited to the Outlook client, and limited to email. More advanced synchronization with contacts, tasks and calendar appointments, or server-based Exchange synchronization are not supported.
  • Business intelligence (BI) is an area that differs greatly among cloud CRM systems. While all CRM applications include default dashboards—the flexibility, available metrics and drill-down behind those dashboards varies greatly. Custom report writers are also across the board. Some CRM vendors still don't offer ad hoc report writers, some are confined to simplistic wizard driven approaches, some require complex syntax commands and some of the better deliver strong visual-based, drag and drop report writers. RightNow offers over 700 packaged reports and an easy to use report writer within its analytics tools.

    But the area of greatest opportunity is also an area of weakness for most CRM vendors. Few vendors offer data warehousing along with its online analytical processing (OLAP) and predictive analytics. RightNow exceeds the pack in data warehousing and its delivery of better information and insight for decision makers. The company teamed with analytics software maker Birst to deliver the underlying engine and platform for RightNow Analytics. This BI offering delivers an on demand data warehouse and business intelligence solution within the RightNow user interface. The combined solution enables advanced reporting, analytics, and analysis such as CSAT, FCR, NPS, trending and times-series analysis—and can extend analysis to people who may not have access to a RightNow desktop. The only other SaaS CRM software to include a data warehouse solution is Oracle CRM on Demand.
  • RightNow CRM vertical markets include consumer electronics, financial services, gaming and entertainment, government and public sector, higher education, non-profit, retail and consumer goods, software, telecommunications and the travel/hospitality industries. The single largest vertical penetration for the company was high tech (22% of customer base), followed by government/public sector (21%), entertainment (14%), retail (11%), telecom (10%), travel and hospitality (6%) and financial services (5%). From a revenue perspective, government contributes 12% of the company's revenues followed by education at 9%.
  • RightNow is a global CRM software solution with multi-currency functionality and 33 language editions.

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RightNow Technologies


RightNow Technologies CRM Review






RightNow exceeds the pack in data warehousing and its delivery of better information and insight for decision makers.

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