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Comparing SageCRM with SalesLogix

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SageCRM versus Sage SalesLogix

Sales prospects continue to have some difficulty in deciphering the target market and product differences between SageCRM and Sage SalesLogix, and determining which product is better suited for their needs. Both products address an overlapping small and midsize business (SMB) customer market and are available on premise or in the cloud, so identifying more specific criterion are necessary. is a more globally friendly CRM solution. It's offered in more languages and outsells SalesLogix on a global basis. It's also more cloud friendly, with a multi-tenant architecture, native thin client delivery and an underlying develop environment using multiple web languages including Java/JavaScript.

SageCRM possesses a smaller functional footprint than SalesLogix, and therefore often caters to the smaller half of the SMB market, while SalesLogix steps up to accommodate larger middle market businesses. SageCRM is also positioned as part of an integrated suite which includes Sages ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products. In fact, SageCRM offers packaged integration with Accpac ERP, Sage MAS90 ERP, MAS200 ERP, Sage 100 (France), Sage 1000 (UK), Classic Line (Germany) and Office Line (Germany). For Sage customers with these ERP software solutions, SageCRM should be the first CRM system to review.

SalesLogix is the North America flagship product and outsells Sage CRM in the U.S.—Sage's largest market. SalesLogix typically targets middle market customers with 50 to 500 user seats, and is also a popular choice for divisions of enterprise companies. The product is known for deeper functionality, more configuration options and is more readily adaptable to software customization. While SalesLogix CRM integration to back office ERP software products can be accommodated, it is not delivered with the same near seamless bundling as is SageCRM. SalesLogix can be delivered in the software as a service model, as a single-tenant CRM application hosted on the Amazon EC2 public cloud. However, SalesLogix is more 'cloud-enabled' than cloud native. SalesLogix is better suited for companies seeking best of breed CRM functionality without needed integration to back office Sage ERP products.

Probably stemming from their origins, SageCRM tends to be a much more popular choice in Europe while SalesLogix continues to be more prevalent in the U.S. SageCRM's heritage is from Ireland, while SalesLogix is from the U.S. We expect this regional heritage issue to subside with time.

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