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Sage CRM Named in Top CRM Systems in Southeast Asia
Top CRM in Asia Sage CRM is supported in the Southeast Asia region by Sage Software Asia Pty. Ltd., based in Singapore, as well as by a mature business partner channel located throughout the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia region. The Sage CRM cloud solution has been steadily acquiring customers throughout the Asia Pacific region—and has been named a top CRM in Southeast Asia.
3.5 stars
Sage CRM Solutions—And Their Adoption of Cloud, Mobility, Social & Analytics
Larry Ritter Larry Ritter, SVP and GM of global product management and marketing for Sage CRM Solutions, shares how the company is responding to trends toward the cloud, increased mobile CRM adoption, advances in CRM analytics, differences in CRM purchase criteria among SMBs and enterprise organizations—and how Sage is implementing a strategic branding strategy to achieve globally consistent recognition.
4 stars
Sage CRM Deep Dive Review
Sage CRM Review Sage Group offers multiple CRM software products to a global market. Sage CRM, also knows as, and SalesLogix both serve the small and midsize business market. In this Sage CRM review, we focus on the more prevalent cloud CRM solution, while at the same time pointing out strengths, weaknesses and differences among Sage CRM and SalesLogix.
2.5 stars
The Rise of Online CRM Marketplaces
CRM App Stores Cloud CRM vendors are looking prophetic at the moment, emerging just ahead of the rise of cloud computing and the demand for everything as a service. Several have even launched their own online app stores tapping yet another growth trend. While is indeed leading the pack on third party app marketplaces, other CRM vendors such as Sage CRM are trying to close the gap.
4 stars
Sage Named In Top 10 CRM Systems in India
India Cloud Computing Sage was featured in the Top 10 CRM Software Systems in India special report. Sage Software India Ltd is a subsidiary of The Sage Group plc and has over 1000 customers in India for its CRM, ERP and Payroll products across industries, including, Trading and Distribution, Manufacturing, Services, IT, Financial Services, Media, Travel & Hospitality and Professional Services.
  Sage International Business Index Report Findings
Sage Of 6,455 businesses surveyed across Germany, France, UK, Canada, and USA in The Sage Business Index – International Small Business Insights, 43% of the UK's 1,510 respondents viewed entrepreneurial spirit and business culture as the most favourable aspects about doing business in the UK, but did not expect too much help along the way. Go To ... Go To


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  • SalesLogix Enters The Cloud
    Sage's SalesLogix introduces a cloud computing edition with a complete view of customer interactions that lives in the online cloud. Sage touts there cloud offering as one that doesn't skimp on storage, lets customers keep ownership of their data and permits simple and straightforward system integration with other software and legacy systems. Sage has partnered with Amazon's EC2 to permit highly scalable virtual computing and storage. As with all Sage products, the SalesLogix online solution will be sold and distributed through the company's business partner network. End


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About Sage Group PLC

Sage Group PLC is a global provider of CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems for SMB and middle market organizations. The company leverages a mature Value Added Reseller (VAR) business partner channel, both on-premise and on-demand delivery options and a portfolio of CRM and ERP products which aligns with discrete customer segments and organizations with varying business needs. The company's Customer Relationship Management software solutions include Sage ACT!, SageCRM and SalesLogix.



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