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 Chuck Schaeffer The Ultimate Sales Forecast Dashboards


Sales Dashboards to Prioritize Opportunities

Opportunity Prioritization. This is a sales dashboard that I normally make as a drill-down from the salesperson forecast dashboard. It shows how sales staff time is allocated across sale opportunities and is designed to make sure the best sale opportunities are getting prioritized. What I typically do is display the number of activities per period (usually the last 30 days) and the most recent activity date for all sale opportunities forecasted. I'll also compare these metrics to opportunities that are not forecasted. The goal here is to understand if scarce sales time is allocated to the deals that will produce the most near term revenue.

Opportunity Prioritization Dashboard

Aged Opportunities. Most every sales pipeline and sales forecast has them – bogus opportunities. These are your stalled opportunities that you may not recognize are stalled. Some sales staff have a tendency to hang on to them for fantasy reasons or they just don't have anything else to hang their hat on. They're effectively dead wood that inaccurately inflate the forecast report and will most certainly contribute to a revenue performance shortfall. A dashboard that shows the opportunity age for each forecasted opportunity can help identify these phantom deals and get them out of the forecast.

Opportunity Dashboard

Reverted Opportunities. This is a dashboard view that displays either all opportunities or just forecasted opportunities that have moved backwards in some way. Reverted opportunities may include deals whereby sales probability or sales value has moved downward or a previously forecasted opportunity is no longer forecasted.

This dashboard is a good source for finding potentially recoverable sale opportunities as well as identifying those opportunities that need a change in sales strategy, or some other induced change in order to reverse the direction for opportunities in decline. This is a valuable dashboard to determine which sale opportunities require quick action or may otherwise be forever lost.

I also like to create workflow rules which send alert notifications in real-time for lapsed or reverted opportunities.

Stalled Opportunities. I typically create a Sales Velocity Dashboard to illustrate two things – sales cycle duration (by sales stage, salesperson, product, customer type and other variables) and stalled opportunities. By permitting drill-down on the stalled opportunities and displaying age dates and activity metrics I can then understand whether each stalled opportunity is temporarily stalled (and should be induced with new actions or recycled to marketing for nurturing) or dead (and needs to be removed from the pipeline or forecast report). While the Sales Velocity dashboard may be included in the Sales Forecast Series dashboards, I normally put it in my Revenue Cycle dashboards as it helps with the entire lead-to-revenue cycle.

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Sales Dashboards


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Some sales staff have a tendency to hang on to stalled opportunities for fantasy reasons or they just don't have anything else to hang their hat on.


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