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 David Sims What Prevents Small Businesses from Adopting CRM Apps in the Cloud?

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 By Chris Primault

Dispelling The Myths of Cloud CRM Applications

Many issues prevent small businesses from adopting cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Most are simply based on falsehoods or myths. Cloud applications are becoming more prevalent and it's becoming more important for small businesses to leverage the cloud. CRM apps in the cloud can assist a small business by allowing them to use big business applications without the big business price. Let's take a look at a few of the reasons small businesses do not choose cloud based apps, and dispel these myths.

Security — Many small business owners erroneously believe that cloud-based CRM apps are somehow less secure than CRM housed on their in-house computers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the United States Military uses cloud services! The truth is, the cloud is just as secure, if not more so than your computer. The reason is that providers of services via the cloud are always working on security. They know they are a target, so they work hard to harden security. Unlike your business computer, which you're probably not worried about most of the time, someone is working on cloud security 24/7.

Access — Sometimes small business owners worry about being able to access their data via the cloud. They worry that down time will be higher than if they were accessing their data via their work computer. The truth is, the uptime for a reputable cloud based CRM is going to be upwards of 99.9 percent uptime. Can you say that your work computer is up 99.9 percent of the time? Not only that, you can access the data from anywhere using any device. Even if your office burned down, which we hope it won't, you will still have access to your important CRM app, if it's in the cloud.

Cost — Small business owners are always worried about cost, thankfully this is one myth that can easily be debunked because using a cloud based app for any function, especially CRM is less expensive than purchasing expensive software in-house. Most CRM cloud based software services offer monthly payments with no upfront costs that you have with purchasing software outright. What's more is usually there is no contract. You'll be able to upgrade or downgrade at will. Your monthly costs will be more predictable because someone else is responsible for expensive IT costs including personnel. What can be more cost saving than that?

Technology — Believe it or not the very technology that allows small businesses to use cloud based apps often confounds and confuses small business owners. They cannot conceive of it, so they keep doing things the old way. They've bought into the myths, and just keep doing things the way they always have. The truth is, the technology that allows small businesses to use the cloud is simple. If you, as a small business owner use Facebook, Twitter, Online Banking, and other online services -- guess what -- you're using the cloud!

Control — Small business owners fear loss of control. They are concerned that their content, customer data, and other information is "out there" in the cloud someplace where they do not have control over it. By monitoring password usage, and deleting old employees out of the system, and paying your fees every month there should not be an issue with control over your data. You still own the data, with regular backups, and monitoring, your data will always remain yours. By researching many different business apps you'll be sure to choose the right company and stay in control. End

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Author  Author: Christophe Primault
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The uptime for a reputable cloud based CRM system is going to be upwards of 99.9 percent uptime. Can you say that your work computer is up 99.9 percent of the time?


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