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Sword Ciboodle CRM Sweet Spot

Short list Sword Ciboodle when:

  • You are seeking a best of breed, customer service CRM application with very strong business process management.
  • You are a global 2000 B2C company seeking scalable, multi-channel customer software for one or more call center locations.
  • You seek an on-premise customer service application capable of handing high numbers of concurrent users and transaction volumes, and complex case management processes.
  • You manage several customer management legacy systems and disintegrated data silos, and seek to consolidate information systems and make a transition from call centers being viewed as cost centers to creating call centers that deliver differentiation and remarkable customer experience.
  • Your business resides in one of Sword Ciboodle's vertical markets of financial services (including wealth management), insurance (including personal lines such as life and health insurance), retail energy, retail telecommunications, media, and consumer goods.

Alternative Solutions

CRM buyers may be best advised to consider alternative CRM software products when:

  • Seeking a purpose-built Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM or customer service system.
  • Seeking a balanced CRM system with near equal strengths in sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service.
  • Seeking CRM and tightly integrated social CRM capabilities.

Sword Ciboodle Competitors

Alternate customer service software solutions with heavy emphasis in business process management include Appian, Pegasystems, Chordiant (also from Pegasystems) and BPMonline CRM.

More traditional CRM customer service systems are delivered from competitors Oracle (Siebel, PeopleSoft and Fusion), RightNow, (Service Cloud) and SAP (Business Suite).

Indirect competitors are many, and may include CRM software vendors such as Amdocs (Clarify), Consona, Infor, SSA Global (Epiphany) and Vertical Solutions.

Concluding Remarks

Sword Ciboodle offers a strong, clean BPM/CRM customer service application and is a top performer in call center management. The company's services are strong and its ability to deliver and satisfy customers is impressive. For prospects who have been away from Sword Ciboodle for a while, recognize that many of the company's previous shortcomings have been resolved with recent strategic CRM, BI and analytics company partnerships.

The company aspires to manage the customer continuum—extending to their customers' customer. It's notable that Sword Ciboodle is less interested in playing catch-up with brands now considered to be best-of-breed and more focused on innovating itself in order to lead the next generation of contact center applications. Such strategic thinking is a tell-tale of a strong executive team and bodes well for its customers as Sword Ciboodle pushes the business value of its application.

However, in order to stay relevant and viable, the company must match its impressive executive team and products with increased innovation as well as branding and promotion. The company needs to put aside its invalid excuses (legacy system integration, etc.) for not delivering a native cloud solution and get on with it. It's a big undertaking but not beyond the company's talented team. Sales of cloud-based SaaS applications will hit $17.3 billion in 2013, up 41 percent from an estimated $12.3 billion in 2011, according to Gartner. The analyst firm forecasts that sales of traditional on-premise systems will grow just 14 percent during the same period. Many other analysts believe that later figure is generously high and will progressively decline over subsequent years. The cloud is clearly the bright spot in an otherwise timid applications industry.

The company's lack of brand recognition, quiet promotion and irregular messaging is currently muted by a competitive landscape that thrives in marketing volume and effectiveness. Sword Ciboodle has a solid story to tell, but the story remains largely inside the company, and the company remains largely in the shadows. This has to change if the company aspires to match the growth of both direct and indirect competitors.

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Sword Ciboodle


Sword Ciboodle CRM Review





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