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Sword Ciboodle CRM Software Review


Sword Ciboodle Software Technology Review

The Ciboodle platform is developed with Java and Ciboodle tools and based on an SOA architecture that leverages web services, XML and other prevalent standards. Surprisingly, it is not a multitenant architecture although the company claims the platform provides multi-tenant-like features such as Data-Zone partitioning and entitlement modeling. Unfortunately, these claims are largely vendor created and fail to garner the efficiency benefits of multitenant, cloud computing platforms.

Sword Ciboodle is designed to be platform agnostic and will integrate with database environments using a JDBC connection. Common databases supported in Ciboodle environments include Oracle, SQL Server, Informix and DB2.

Ciboodle application modules and tools related to the programming environment include:

  • Ciboodle Development Kit – Comparable to an IDE, the CDK provides the technical tooling to support the full software development lifecycle of a Ciboodle application.
  • Ciboodle Process Engine – An underlying platform that runs and executes out-of-the-box functional modules and custom/bespoke processes.
  • Ciboodle Integration Connectors – System integration tooling designed to rapidly interpret, parse and consume data, transactions and services from a variety of external sources and formats or protocols.
  • Ciboodle Pre-Built Adaptors – Integration adaptors to 3rd party telephony, channel and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems.
  • Ciboodle Framework – Software patterns and templates for application development and configuration of Ciboodle functions and processes that empower a quick start to solution delivery.

Ciboodle has an agnostic mobile CRM framework that delivers a common and ubiquitous Web browser experience to all mobile devices, irrespective of form factor, device or operating system.

System Integration Capabilities

The company provides an Outlook add-in that contains groupware integration via the Exchange API. In addition, the environment provides a rich set of standard and pre-built connectors, including Web Services/SOAP, HTTP web access, XML, JMS, MQ, MSMQ, JDBC, CORBA, COBOL and COM. It can wrap 3270 and vt100 sessions as screen managed integration components and has an adapter library for most media services, including computer telephony integration (CTI).

The CRM application is underpinned by a business process management suite, the Process Platform that includes business process modeling, workflow automation and enterprise application integration functionality. The Process Platform includes a run time engine that offers scale and flexibility, and a technical tooling suite that offers the needed tools to design, model, test, implement and support client specific business processes and feature sets.

Sword Ciboodle is platform agnostic an integrates with non-intrusive integration tools and desktop scripting that can wrap legacy desktop solutions to provide services (such as web-services) or desktop automation. Ciboodle is frequently integrated with heterogeneous, complex IT legacy systems and environments. The company often works with large blue chip clients, many of whom have grown by acquiring companies and inheriting many different business systems on diverse platforms.

The company is notably sensitive to client investment in legacy systems, not only from a financial perspective but also the fact that in many instances such systems are fit for purpose and carry both technical and operational dependencies. As a result Ciboodle is built to integrate from the outset and will perform against common vendor platforms across the application stack (presentation tier, application server tier, database tier and supporting infrastructure such as operating systems). The CRM product is designed to provide deep SOA support and a wide range of integration capabilities in order to consume data and services as part of the core business process execution.

Software Customization Capabilities

Ciboodle's flexible architecture enables CRM software customization and makes scaling straightforward. Software settings and configurable parameters permit some capability to modify business processes. While the application does not include Platform as a Service (PaaS) designer and development tools as do many competitors, there are other methods to modify the application within the constructs of the application software. However, customers must exercise diligence and understand the trade-offs between increased software fit from software customization and potential issues with future upgrades, technical support and the like.

The Application Framework allows the system to be adapted using the Process Platform, and supports high-level customization, such as Workflow, Case, Campaign, and SLA management for most tasks by a business unit manager or system administrator. More complex tasks, such as those requiring application global Process Design and technical architecture, are typically handled by a system developer.

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Sword Ciboodle


Sword Ciboodle CRM Review



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