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Customer Segment Sales Distribution Product
Unica Enterprise Midmarket to Enterprise Largely Direct Sales Force Marketing Operations, Multi-Channel Campaign Management and Digital Marketing
Unica On Demand Midmarket to Enterprise Largely Direct Sales Force Demand Generation, Marketing Operations and Performance Analysis

Unica Marketing Automation Software Capabilities

Unica marketing software solutions encompass key marketing functions and processes such as interactive marketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, email marketing, event marketing, lead management, marketing operations and web analytics. IBM Unica fulfills these and other functions through two flagship marketing products.

Key components and capabilities of the Unica Enterprise software include:

  • Unica Campaign—manages relevant and personalized campaigns across multiple channels and touch points
  • Unica Interact—real time recommendations of the right messages to present in inbound marketing channels
  • Unica NetInsight—web analytics and business intelligence to decipher patterns, relationships and insight
  • Unica Marketing Operations—marketing program management and marketing process automation
  • Unica Detect—Identifies cross-sell and retention by detecting when customers are most receptive to offers
  • Unica Leads—lead management, including qualification, prioritization, assignment, transfer and notifications
  • Unica CustomerInsight—Customer understanding using dashboards, BI and data visualization technologies
  • Unica PredictiveInsight—Predictive analytics for pro forma modeling or what-if case scenarios
  • Unica Marketing Platform—suite of administration tools and integration services shared by Unica products

Key components and capabilities of the Unica OnDemand marketing software include:

  • Interactive Marketing—visitor behavior analysis to design more effective email and website personalization
  • NetInsight—website analytics solution to collect visitor data and provide visitor reporting
  • Search—Management and optimization of paid search campaigns across all major search engines
  • Marketing Operations—a marketing resource management (MRM) software solution
  • Pivotal Veracity—email and social media analytics

The company's marketing software crosses several high growth and somewhat loosely defined marketing software mainstream categories—including marketing automation software, lead management software, marketing resource management (MRM) and enterprise marketing management (EMM). While Unica is competitive across multiple marketing software segments, it is these last two categories of MRM and EMM where the company often stands out from the crowd.

IBM Unica marketing software product pricing is available according to a number of parameters that proximate company size, marketing sophistication and software utilization. Contact Unica for more information.



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The Unica software is much more user friendly than traditional systems that required substantial SQL expertise from our marketers. Our marketing professionals are now able to fully focus on the creation, implementation and evaluation of campaigns, rather than spend their time coding."

~ Wegener Dagbladen

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