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  Choosing The Right CRM Consultant
article When considering CRM implementations or upgrades, most organizations choose to focus their in-house talent on efforts related to their core business, and rely on outside experts for the application and technology specific areas. But specifically how do you choose the right CRM consultant? The first step in choosing the right CRM consultant has nothing to do with the consultant at all; instead More ...
  Change Management | The Not So Secret Ingredient to CRM Success
article For a customer relationship management (CRM) implementation effort to succeed, the company’s culture must change. Yet failing to prepare and fund organizational change as part of a CRM initiative is commonplace, says CRM expert Paul Greenberg. Greenberg says that change is seen as intangible (i.e., unmeasurable), and therefore not relevant. More ...
  A Two Step Process to ERP & CRM Consultant Selection
article Karen points out why separating the software selection consultants from the software implementation consultants can maximize your opportunity to leverage the highest and best skills of both while maintaining integrity and objectivity in a project where the result will have long-term and deep implication on your company's IT investments and business processes. More ...



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