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The Synergy Between CRM Implementations and Business Process Improvements
Business Process Improvement BPR A CRM deployment can be an ideal time to revisit and possibly reengineer business processes, and take advantage of the synergy in introducing both business process improvement and software automation technology in parallel. Consider these five process improvements to add consistency, reliability and scalability to your CRM implementation.
4 stars
CRM Implementation Team Roles and Responsibilities
CRM Implementation Team Organizing the right CRM implementation team is a pre-requisite to deployment success. However, ensuring you have the right team members on the bus, and sitting in the right seats, can be a difficult exercise in businesses with scarce resources and limited internal experience. This editorial recommends several key lessons learned that team leaders should examine when assembling the project team.
2.5 stars
A Proven Approach to Achieving User Adoption
CRM User Adoption Managing CRM user adoption challenges during CRM deployments and just after the go-live event must be part of your advanced planning for the project to succeed. With fluid changes to customer strategies, business processes and employee responsibilities, proactive change management can make the difference between CRM success and failure.
3.5 stars
The Top 5 Reasons Why CRM Deployments Fail – and How to Avoid Them
Failed CRM CRM selections and deployments always begin with the best intentions. Unfortunately, difficulties arise, and often escalate; sometimes to the point of failed CRM deployments. This editorial looks at past CRM software selection and implementation failures in order to uncover top risks and the mitigating measures to avoid disappointment.
4 stars
Best Practices in CRM Data Conversions
Data Conversion Electronic data conversions routinely cause setbacks and project delays to CRM implementations. Far too many companies fail to survey their data quality in advance and then later discover their dirty data, duplicate data, incomplete data and bogus data when they go to convert, thereby, placing the project schedule at risk. Here are the data conversion best practices to get the job done right.
3 stars
User Adoption Via Empowerment and No Alternatives
User Adoption The first customers your CRM application will be judged by are your own staff. You need to entice and sell them before they can use CRM to sell anyone else. In other words, as the CRM sponsor, to achieve CRM user adoption you need to change perceptions so that staff are empowered and there is no viable alternative to the combined CRM strategy and supporting application software.


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