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  Higher Education CRM Software
Higher Education CRM Higher education CRM software is increasingly being used to streamline processes, cut costs, grow revenue generation activities and improve management decisions. The advantages of Constituent Relationship Management software and strategies are overwhelming. Centralized and shared donor data can be mined to produce new insights about the donor base and new potential campaigns.
  The Professional Services CRM Market Is Moving to the Cloud
Professional Services CRM The Professional Services CRM software market is adopting cloud-based and SaaS professional services automation (PSA) systems in a big way. However, this industry faces some unique challenges regarding CRM software selection and implementation. This industry look applies a vertical market perspective to the customer relationship management software market.
  EU & Western Europe CRM Retail Industry Trends
CRM Retail Europe European Union retailers, and more so Western European retailers, are attracting buyers through smart inventory management, competitive pricing and focused promotions – as well as integrated CRM and social CRM. Forrester and IDC forecast CRM retail in Europe and comment on the need for more integration between CRM and Point of Sale, ERP and other mainstay business applications.
  SaaS CRM Evolution Along Industry Solutions
SaaS Evolution SaaS solution providers are starting to abandon or supplement their one size fits all product approaches and instead enhance their CRM systems to meet unique industry and customer market segmentation requirements. There are unique business process and feature set differences for many industries. Catering to these differences will provide the next chapter of SaaS CRM evolution.


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