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  Is Open Source CRM Software Ready to Compete?
Open Source CRM With its low cost of entry and extreme flexibility, open source CRM software is becoming increasingly attractive to a growing number of organizations, even when considering business software applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI). While SugarCRM leads the pack, many other CRM software manufacturers are vying for early market positioning.
  Vetting Open Source CRM Software Solutions
Open Source CRM Software Open source CRM software is making waves in information technology circles; even so it's a flood short of a tsunami when it comes to CRM systems. While open source CRM systems offer advantages in eliminating acquisition costs and offering source code flexibility, market growth has yet to take off. Circumstances preventing its rise are sometimes built of open source's own limitations.
  Is Open Source CRM Software Mission Critical Ready?
Open Source CRM Open Source CRM software has become a densely populated market with several contenders, viable software products and active communities. Especially in the small and medium size business environment, an open source CRM application can be an answer to your CRM needs that also achieves cost savings, software extendability and a vibrant user community.
  What Does Open Source CRM Success Look Like? Ask Estes
Open Source CRM Success Estes offers an illustrative open source CRM success case study example in how open source CRM software and ERP software systems can deliver high impact value for businesses. Estes turned to SugarCRM and Compiere in order to develop customizations to support business process requirements unique to Estes' industry, and to do it at a lower cost than with a commercial solution.
  Don't Forget To Consider Open Source CRM in Your Selection
Open Source CRM Selection When evaluating CRM software systems, scope out every possibility. That includes taking a hard look to determine if open source CRM can fill your company's business needs while possibly saving you some money and delivering more software flexibility. Here's a short list of some key factors to consider and some market share leading CRM systems to explore when performing an open source CRM selection.


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