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  Maximizing Customer Feedback with Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)
Enterprise Feedback Management There are better ways to gather and manage feedback, and when it comes to customer feedback, there is no such thing as too much, as long as you have measures in place to understand it, manage it, and ultimately use it to your advantage. Enterprise Feedback Management systems provide the automation to systemically collect and analyze feedback from multiple channels in real time.
  Is Your Call Service Tracking The Right Metrics?
Call Center Metrics Key performance indicators and call center metrics are all the rage for call centers, but they aren’t all created equally. Most contact center managers focus on KPIs that measure efficiency. However, instead of using performance metrics that measure from the inside looking out, try turning them on their head, and focus on the effectiveness of the contact center as measured by the customer, not the company.
  Speech Analytics | Effective, but Underused
Call Center Speech Analytics Call center speech analytics programs can analyze tone and sentiment of voice and talk or silence patterns to gauge emotion and satisfaction, tie detection of user-defined phrases to specific agent actions and monitor agent interactions with customers to easily determine agents which aren’t being proactive, or which are not succeeding in satisfying customers.
  Call Center Workforce Management Systems
Contact Center Good forecasting and scheduling contribute to improved customer and agent satisfaction – in addition to better labor cost allocations for the company. However, it’s difficult to schedule efficiently without good forecasting data, tools, automation and call center workforce management solutions. Scheduling forecast accuracy, or the lack thereof, directly contributes to customer service levels.
  Applying Customer Service To Predict Customer Success
Call Center Customer Feedback Many technology vendors talk a good game when it comes to customer service, but these claims are often difficult to assess before a software purchase. Fortunately, one time-honored adage holds true: you are what you measure. This article looks at call center customer feedback to predict future performance from your technology suppliers.


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