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  Five Reasons To Invest in Sales Force Automation
5 Reasons for SFA Analyst firm Aberdeen Group research showed best-in-class adopters of SFA software saw their deals increase in size by an average of 27%, sales cycles decrease by 16% and cut the time-to-quota by 15%. Using SFA systems, these organizations' also realized revenue growth of 26%, while their sales administrative time was slashed by 14%.
  Achieve High Performance Sales Teams
Sales Team Performance When burried in the day to day trenches, it can be difficult to maintain strategy, focus and forward momentum let alone improve predictable performance and identify new solutions to old sales challenges. The following sales strategies are a reminder of the best practices to achieve long-term sales success, build winning sales teams and satisfy sales stakeholders.
  Five Steps To Achieve SFA Buy-In
SFA User Adoption One of the predictable problems when implementing Sales Force Automation software in any size business is getting enthusiastic user acceptance. Quite simply, without active buy-in from the sales people who will use and manage the CRM system, it will almost certainly fail. Here are several mitigating measures to achieve user adoption success with sales staff.
  Practical Advice For Sales Force Automation Selection Projects
SFA Selection Advice Like a treasure map, SFA applications help guide your sales teams to increased sales person productivity, more effective sales planning, improved sales predictability, increased sales win rates, better sales person quota achievement and higher sales commissions. Yet selecting the right SFA software may require a different map, one to guide you through a host of alternatives.
  Designing Better Performance Dashboards
CRM Dashboards Dashboard designs are worth multiple iterative revisions as they are a primary means of communicating key performance indicators. Well designed CRM dashboards make it easier for knowledge workers and executives to instantly view key metrics and based on the information, invest in further data analysis which often leads to actionable follow-up and course corrections.
  What To Do When Your SFA Sofware is Broken
SFA Broken The scary numbers related to CRM and SFA implementation failures are no secret. However, getting past the alarming statistics and reviewing root causes provides a balanced perspective on why sales force automation (SFA) implementations fail — why they break — and what you can do about it. Unfortunately, broken SFA isn't always with the fault of software.
  Four Critical Steps To Fixing Declining Sales
Fix Declining Sales CSO Insights surveyed 2,800 businesses and found most were increasing sales quotas, despite low quota achievement in the prior year. In fact, quota achievement has been steadily declining for years and CSO Insights expects it to fall further. This article examines the root causes of these sales challenges and explores how the best companies have adapted to fix declining sales.
  Best Practices for Decreasing the Sales Cycle
Reduce Sales Cycles An Aberdeen research advisory reveals the top reasons companies' sales cycles are too long and the methods which best-of-breed businesses implemented to combat this costly problem. This follow-on story describes the step approach to systemically reduce sales cycles, increase sales win rates and increase cash flow.



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