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  Integrating Social Networking and CRM For Bottom Line Benefits
Social Networking Originally perceived by some as the bane of corporate infrastructure and a drain on staff productivity, social networking sites now are increasingly being tapped as a way to funnel consumer engagement into businesses' CRM strategies. Tying this invaluable data into a CRM systems creates sales leads, product ideas and amplifies company brand.
  Aligning Social CRM with Customer Experience Management (CEM)
Social CRM and CEM The integration between social CRM (SCRM) and customer experience management (CEM) is a natural but complex business strategy evolution which depicts the changing business and customer relationship, advances customer centric strategies and results in increased customer satisfaction, advocacy, referrals and market share.
  Integrating Social Media With The Call Center
Call Center Social Media Call centers must embrace social media in order to satisfy customers. However, just creating a Facebook fan page or opening a Twitter account will do nothing to win mindshare with new social customers. In fact, it can make you look really lame if you don’t pursue social media with the same degree of strategy, thoroughness and investment as any other business tool.
  Implementing Social Media in The Call Center
Call Center Social Media Despite the absence of proven frameworks and best practices, call center social media has evolved to the point that if you have not incorporated a Web 2.0 strategy and tools into your contact center operations, you have started down the slippery slope of not only losing touch with your customers but losing control of your company’s brand and reputation.
  When Implementing Social CRM, Walk Before You Run
Social CRM Implementation The social CRM implementation revolution is only going to come after the fundamentals of aligning customer strategy, processes and software have been achieved. To achieve sustained success, social CRM should be built on an effective CRM foundation in order to achieve enterprise-wide and sustained impact. Ad hoc or piecemeal social media solutions generally fail to deliver ROI.
  Social CRM a Fad?
Social CRM a Fad Social CRM is complex to understand, difficult to implement and challenging to measure–causing some to question the business upside of this communication opportunity. However, when forced to recognize a change in customer relationships, as a consequence of the change in the customers control of the conversation, leaders can call social CRM a fad, or seek competitive advantages over laggards.


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