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The Top 10 CRM Software Systems in Southeast Asia—ServiSoft CRM


An Independent Review of AsiaBiz Networks ServiSoft CRM Software

AsiaBiz Networks Co., Ltd., founded in 2001 and based in Bangkok, Thailand, develops Customer Relationship Management applications for a number of industries, including banking, finance & securities, entertainment, advertising, electronics, public service, retail, pharmaceutical, supplements, and direct marketing. From our review, most ServiSoft CRM major clients are in the distribution industry (retail, wholesale and trading) and include TV Direct, Kantana Group, and S.B. Furniture.

AsiaBiz Networks, like many other software development companies in Thailand, often delivers custom built solutions, rather than just out of the box applications.

ServiSoft CRM is available for a free 30 day demonstration and trial with a maximum of three users.

CRM Software Suite

The company's main CRM software product is ServiSoft and includes several components.

  • Enterprise Information Portal
  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Contact Center and CRM Solutions
  • Knowledge Management Solutions
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Solutions

ServiSoft CRM can be delivered on-demand from the cloud or installed on-premise for internal operation. AsiaBiz Networks integrates ServiSoft with ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle and also specializes in the development of analytical CRM software solutions, business intelligence and data warehousing under the umbrella of their Knowledge Based Decision Support System.

Southeast Asia Support

The ServiSoft CRM primary market is Thailand. The majority of the company's collaterals are in Thai, which doesn't work for potential clients in Southeast Asia other than those in Thailand. However, the company is beginning to show some advancements into the broader Southeast Asia region. Recently, AsiaBiz Networks joined the Thai ICT Trade Delegation to Jakarta, Indonesia which was made up of 20 ICT companies from Thailand. The delegations main message was that "The Thai software companies are very keen to establish the collaboration as international strategic partnership and promote products, services and technology between two countries. Indonesia is gateway software market and expansion through South East Asia."

ServiSoft has its own online forum community run by AsiaBiz Networks where customers can share opinions, exchange ideas and ask questions to the ServiSoft team.

The ServiSoft CRM solution shows good adoption in Thailand, and if AsiaBiz Networks can expand their language capabilities to include English (including their collaterals, website and a full English sales and support team) the company could very well grow throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in the medium sized company sector.

CRM Software Cloud Delivery

ServiSoft CRM can be delivered as an on-demand or on-premise CRM system. Thailand on-demand and cloud solutions are typically hosted by major telco's such as TOT (Telephone Organization Of Thailand), CAT (Communications Authority Of Thailand), NTT Communications and T.C.C. Technology. This in-country data center delivery means extremely little latency, and fast online performance, for Thailand based customers.

ServiSoft CRM Strengths

  • A strong, near enterprise level, CRM software application.
  • Thai language and local support available for Thailand companies.
  • AsiaBiz Networks is in large part a bespoke software development company. This may be an advantage for Asia Pacific customers seeking custom software development or custom solutions.
  • Geographically, AsiaBiz Networks is well located to support clients throughout South East Asia with either same time zone or only minus one hour time difference.

ServiSoft CRM Weaknesses

  • With the exception of Thailand, there is no local support for other countries in Southeast Asia.
  • Not an "out of the box" application, so software deployments or implementations may take longer.
  • Like other CRM software companies in the region, the company's marketing and promotion efforts are weak and may result in further loss of market share to more assertive software companies.
  • From a CRM software perspective, the marketing software is not as strong as the sales force automation (SFA) and customer support software. Mobile CRM is also weak.
  • AsiaBiz ServiSoft CRM does not include social CRM capabilities.

Short List AsiaBiz Networks ServiSoft CRM Software When:

  • You are a medium to large company that requires an extensive sales and after sales application.
  • You are a Thailand based company in the distribution or supply chain industry.
  • You require a fully customisable CRM solution.
  • You require a Thai language business application.

Consider Alternative CRM Software When:

  • Seeking an out of the box, packaged Customer Relationship Management software system.
  • You seek quick time to value and have a limited budget—as fully customised solutions incur longer deployments and are inevitably more expensive compared to out of the box solutions.
  • You require local support in a country in South East Asia and you are not based in Thailand.
  • You require native English language support.

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