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Company Growth

The Business Case for CRM

A CRM Business Case with research findings that show the CRM financial impact to company revenues, profits and CRM ROI.

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Implementation Plan

A CRM Implementation Plan to Lower Time, Cost and Risk

A proven and repeatable 7 step CRM implementation plan to reduce project risk and maximize CRM implementation results.

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How to Create a Winning CRM Strategy

A CRM strategy implementation framework to increase user adoption, grow customer relationships and improve technology ROI.

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What’s the ROI for CRM? CRM ROI Research Findings

Research shows the CRM ROI is 211%, on average, but can surge to 3 times that figure based on software utilization and user adoption.

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CRM 2.0

CRM 2.0

The CRM 2.0 Framework is a 4-step process to get much more value from your existing CRM software investment and surge your CRM ROI.

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User First CRM Implementation

The User-First CRM Implementation Method

The 8 User-First building blocks that deliver higher user adoption, improved business outcomes and the most successful CRM implementations.

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CRM Software

The Future of CRM

The next generation of CRM software will transition from data management to customer relationships and a whole lot more. Here is the future of CRM.

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360 degree customer view

How to Design Your CRM 360 Degree Customer View

How to create a 360 degree customer view to improve customer relationships and increase customer share, loyalty and retention.

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CRM optimization — Get More Value from Your CRM System

CRM optimization best practices to increase CRM value by using more of the technology to improve user, customer and business outcomes.

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CRM Insights

CRM Selection Insights

The most powerful CRM Software Selection Insights to save time, lower risk and choose the best CRM for your business.

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Customer Relationship Management

Design Thinking for CRM

How design thinking for CRM achieves the most important and highest payback user, customer and company outcomes.

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CRM Maturity Model

The CRM Maturity Model

The CRM Maturity Model is a 4 phase continuum to better engage customers, grow customer share, keep customers longer and improve ROI.

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