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CRM Evaluation Checklist

A 5 Step CRM Evaluation Checklist

Use this consultant’s CRM selection checklist to choose the best fit CRM software solution for your company in the shortest time.

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Your CRM System is also an Innovation System

See why your CRM software is an ideal innovation information system and how to apply CRM data to create innovative products and services.

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A Better Way to Forecast CRM Project Value

Many proposed CRM projects make loose or unsubstantiated claims. Here’s a better way to forecast measurable CRM benefits and IT payback.

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CRM Consolidation — Getting to an Enterprise Wide CRM

Here is how a CRM consolidation should merge multiple CRM systems from decentralized business units into an enterprise wide CRM application.

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How to Measure Customer Centricity

How companies can measure customer centricity and directly impact company objectives such as revenues, margins and profits.

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CRM Implementation Roadmap

CRM Optimization Roadmap

CRM best practices and specific examples to optimize CRM software and increase business benefits and technology ROI.

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How To Get More Payback From Your CRM Software Investment

How to increase top line revenues, decrease costs, improve customer relationships and get more payback from your CRM software investment.

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Four Ways to Quickly Advance Your CRM

Here are four proven methods to increase staff productivity and get more ROI from your CRM software investment.

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CRM Journey

The CRM Journey: From Deployment to Continuous Improvement

Advancing CRM software is a journey that requires constant care and feeding. Go live marks the transition from deployment to execution.

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Company Growth

Taking Your CRM System To The Next Level

How to use new capabilities such as social media integration, mobility and customer analytics to take your CRM system to the next level.

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Business Growth

Salesforce ROI Research Findings

Research shows that Salesforce ROI is 314%, on average, but can surge up to 789% based on software utilization and user adoption.

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CRM Implementation Roadmap

CRM Implementation Roadmap

The 8 critical success factors that ensure CRM success and should be included in your CRM implementation roadmap.

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