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Innovation Portfolio Management

How innovation portfolios minimize risk, allocate resources pursuant to prioritized objectives and maximize financial payback.

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Customer Relationship Management

How to Create a Winning CRM Strategy

A CRM strategy implementation framework to increase user adoption, grow customer relationships and improve technology ROI.

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Customer Lifetime Value

The Importance of Measuring Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) calculations, best practices and use cases to maximize top line revenues and bottom line earnings.

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Best Practices for Shortening the Sales Cycle

An Aberdeen research report reveals the reasons companies’ sales cycles are too long and the 6 methods to systemically reduce sales cycles.

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How To Use Nurture Campaigns to Double Qualified Leads

A nurture marketing strategy and nurture campaign best practices to double the number of qualified lead acquisitions.

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Why You Need Marketing Automation Software

Here’s how marketing automation software can deliver more and better leads to the salesforce and show impressive marketing ROI.

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Big Data in Retail Examples

Here are 5 Retail Big Data examples that deliver big paybacks.

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Innovation Dashboards and Metrics

The four innovation dashboards most needed to demonstrate clear prototyping progress toward market success.

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The Business Mandate For Customer Experience (CX) Management

Customer Experience has become a top business objective. Here we share CX research findings and a proven framework to achieve a CX strategy.

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7 Steps to Jump Start Your Social Selling Strategy

Here are the 7 steps to jump start your social selling strategy and improve your overall sales opportunity win rates and sales success.

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Agile versus Waterfall for CRM Implementation Success

The advantages, disadvantages and differences between Agile and Waterfall CRM implementation methods.

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Lead Scoring Best Practices

A 10 step lead scoring framework to accurately calculate lead scores and determine when a sales lead is ready to buy.

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