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Business Executive

CRM Optimization — Expand CRM Value and Marketing Results

4 CRM optimization best practices to improve marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline, company revenues and the company’s brand.

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CRM Selection Demo Process

CRM Demos Done Right

CRM demonstration best practices to objectively evaluate, score, compare and rank the best CRM software systems.

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Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce

This Salesforce versus Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is an independent, expert analysis and comparison of the top two CRM systems.

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Business Growth

How Design Thinking Sky-Rockets CRM Value

How Design Thinking can create far more impactful user, customer and company CRM outcomes, and more successful CRM software implementations.

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Customer Service Agent

CRM Optimization — Expand CRM to Boost Customer Service

4 ways to advance CRM software to improve customer service outcomes, including increased customer satisfaction, lifetime value and retention.

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Best Practice

CRM User Adoption Best Practices

10 CRM user adoption best practices to accelerate time to value and maximize user adoption, software utilization and technology ROI.

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CRM User Experience

How to Design the CRM User Experience

How to design a CRM user experience that increases user adoption, application utilization and payback on your CRM software investment.

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CRM Framework

CRM Selection Framework

A CRM Consultant’s Guide to compare, rank and select the best CRM software system for your company.

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Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Program Setup and Tools

How to design a Voice of the Customer program and use the right tools to improve your products, marketing conversions, sale offers and more.

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Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer Design and Best Practices

A 10 step framework to implement a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program for improved customer lifetime value, loyalty and retention.

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Best Practices

CRM RFP Best Practices

These CRM Request for Proposal best practices save time, reduce risk and lead to the best CRM software application for your company.

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CRM Strategy

CRM Software Negotiation Strategy

A proven CRM negotiation strategy to reduce CRM software price, accelerate the payback period and significantly improve CRM ROI.

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