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What We Can Achieve Together

Elevate the Agent Experience, Productivity and Retention

Research shows that improving the agent experience directly correlates to 22% improved agent productivity, 26% less absenteeism and a 4 times reduction in annual agent turnover.

Increase Customer Experience, Lifetime Value and Retention

A combination of customer service best practices is shown to improve customer satisfaction by 26%, increase Customer Lifetime Value by 8% and lower customer churn by 9% — all within one year.

Improve Contact Center ROI

Shifting customer support from a cost center to profit center or expanding fee-based support services can generate up to 20% of total company revenues and increase customer lifetime vale by 1.55 times.

A Better Way

Technology brings process automation, information reporting and scale to contact center operations. Technology is the facilitator for consistent delivery, the replacement for manual labor, the automation to improve the agent experience and the top tool to achieve cost savings.

Maximizing technology for agent, customer and business outcomes is often done pursuant to a 3-phase journey.

Call Center Technologies

Tactical technologies perform operational activities such as call routing, case management, customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and performance reporting.

Strategic technologies achieve more significant customer goals and business impact. That may include more advanced apps such as Voice of the Customer, omni-channel support, virtual agents, chatbots and speech analytics. These technologies drive sharp improvements to agent productivity and the customer experience. They also deliver a customer service performance advantage.

Best-in-Class technologies go a step further to deliver differentiation and competitive advantage. That may include technologies such as AI-enabled virtual agents, customer self-service over social channels, interactive dashboards, predictive analytics and end-to-end system integration.

At each progressive level the applications step up to deliver better ease of use, a more intuitive user interface, a rewarding user experience, dynamic process automation and contextually delivered guided resolutions.

With more advanced tools, agents spend less time entering data and more time engaging customers. Improved engagement drives significant and sustained increases to customer purchases, customer share, customer lifetime value and customer retention.

When done correctly, contact center software achieves what can mistakenly seem like opposing goals of delivering the highest customer satisfaction and the lowest cost to serve.

Technology Best Practices

We apply customer service best practices to eliminate guesswork and accelerate results. A few are shown below.

CRM Case Management

When CRM software integrates computer telephony, applies call routing best practices, implements workflows to optimize case management and uses real-time analytics to surface and resolve variances, average handling time (AHT) is improved by 60%, speed of answer (SoA) by 27%, first contact resolution (FCR) by 31% and customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 45%.

Customer Self-Service

Self-service apps increase customer satisfaction and decrease cost to serve.
Gartner research shows that live support channels such as telephone, webchat and email cost an average of $8.01 per contact, while self-service support channels on the company website or from a mobile app cost an average $0.10 per contact.

Call Routing Optimization

When call centers apply the best combinations of call routing methods and technologies, the contact center increases agent productivity by 5 to 7 percent and lowers contact center costs by 2 to 4 percent.
The improvements go even higher when integrated to CRM software and using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Speech Analytics

An Opus research study of call centers using speech analytics found that speech analytics contributed to improved customer experience, reduced call center costs and revenue improvements.
Speech analytics deployments achieve an average payback period of 11 months and an average ROI of 26 percent beginning in the second year of operation.

What Sets Us Apart

We apply some standout differences to achieve better results for our clients.

Our consultants are not just contact center tech experts, they are customer service experts. We have held many contact center roles and understand the many challenges that face our clients.

Our staff have personally led many customer service implementation and optimization projects. They are certified on the applications and Agile methods. The average tenure is 24 years of full-time professional experience.

Anybody can get contact center software to run, but getting software to elevate the agent experience, improve the customer experience, increase customer share and retention, and lower cost to serve is an entirely different pursuit — and what makes us unique.

Our staff are experienced and certified with contact center CRM platforms, telephony systems and specialty apps. We know how to implement these systems and show a financial impact quickly.

Our evidence-based Best Practices are engineered plays derived from research that repeat learned actions of industry leaders to achieve predictable results.

They are instrumental in prioritizing efforts by investment and ROI and achieving Best-in-Class benchmarks.

When you apply best practices you eliminate guesswork, avoid trial and error exercises, and pursue the shortest path to forecasted success.

We have a unique focus in helping clients implement Contact Centers of Excellence (CoE). A CoE brings scale to scarce and high-demand skills by applying one or a few resources to go deep into certain technologies and then disseminate the insights, best practices and services to others. A CoE leverages technical skills to surpass ordinary standards and achieve extraordinary financial results. Many times, that means driving performance beyond the norm to Best-in-Class standards. Our experience shows these groups can raise ROI by low double digits within 90 days and continuously increase that payback over time.

Flexible Services

We offer flexible services to accommodate different levels of engagement.


Guide Me

An Advisor Approach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum business interruption

Do It With Me

A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
  • Maximum learning and knowledge transfer

Do It For Me

A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
  • Highest performance results

We welcome an introductory call with a call center consulting specialist to discuss the options that best achieve your goals.