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Business Growth

Salesforce ROI Research Findings

Research shows that Salesforce ROI is 314%, on average, but can surge up to 789% based on software utilization and user adoption.

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CRM Implementation Plan

A Salesforce Implementation Plan to Minimize Time, Cost and Risk

A Salesforce Implementation Plan with the 7 critical success factors to achieve the maximum CRM results in the least time, cost and risk.

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Implementation Plan

Removing Shelfware from your Salesforce Renewal

How to remove shelfware and specify the precise Salesforce CRM software and bill of materials for your contract renewal.

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5 Tips to Negotiate a Better Salesforce Renewal

When it’s time to renew your Salesforce subscription, consider these 5 tips to get the right solution at the right price for the right outcomes.

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Salesforce Negotiation Best Practices

Salesforce Negotiation Best Practices to increase CRM effectiveness, decrease CRM investment and significantly improve CRM ROI.

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Salesforce Renewal

The Salesforce CRM Renewal Dilemma

A proven negotiation strategy to use when renewing your Salesforce CRM subscription.

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Is Salesforce Worth the Price Premium?

The top CRM comes with a price premium. Here’s how to know when the Salesforce Price Premium is worth the investment and when its not.

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CRM Software

Salesforce Review

This independent Salesforce CRM review evaluates competitive strengths, weaknesses, limitations and costs.

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Salesforce Negotiation Tactics

Salesforce negotiation tactics can reduce CRM software price, accelerate the payback period and significantly improve CRM ROI.

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