CRM Analytics


8 Essential CRM KPIs

The CRM KPIs that convert data to actionable information and put focus on the factors that most drive business performance improvements.

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Microsoft Power BI Review

An objective assessment along with the top hits and misses of Microsoft Power BI,

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Best Practice

Microsoft Power BI Best Practices

Microsoft Power BI best practices to accelerate design and development, improve the user experience and increase CRM analytics user adoption.

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Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Computing Explained

Cognitive systems defined and explained by examining unique capabilities, business benefits and some interesting real world examples.

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5 Reasons Why CRM Analytics are Essential

CRM analytics discover correlations, patterns and trends, allowing you to tailor the customer experience for increased engagement and profits.

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Top 5

The Best 5 CRM Analytics

Customer analytics interpret, flex and act upon volumes of information which otherwise remains buried and unusable. Here are the best ones.

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CRM Change Management

The Worst 5 CRM Analytics

Prioritizing the highest impact performance metrics helps managers achieve the most strategic goals in the shortest time. Here’s how to do it.

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Business Intelligence Adding ROI to CRM

Here’s how to connect data to insights to action to results, and improve business intelligence ROI with actionable analytics.

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CRM Analytics ROI Improvement Opportunities

Here are 2 methods to harness CRM data to make better business decisions, acquire more customers and increase your analytics ROI.

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Big Data

Big Data Implementation

Big data is a big opportunity, but also comes with big risk. Here is the upside, the challenges and a 7 step big data implementation plan.

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