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An Innovative Idea in CRM Education & Promotion—Get On The Bus!

As far as I can tell, the term “CRM” was first coined in 1992 by Tom Siebel as he was evangelizing the phrase in preparation to launch what would become the first dominate CRM software company in the world. At the time Gartner was using the phrase TERM (Technology Enabled Relationship Management) to similarly describe the integrated tenants of sales, marketing and service, but that phrase would go by the wayside as the industry sided with the moniker of Customer Relationship Management.

Now 20 years later, we’ve experienced multiple CRM technology evolutions, several changes in CRM software leadership positions and a fiercely competitive marketplace. But despite the pace of technology innovation, coming up with new and innovative educational and promotional activities to boost CRM and its many offshoots—such as the cloud, social CRM, mobile CRM, customer experience, big data & analytics, and more—is a difficult process. What CRM promotional activity hasn’t already been adopted, and generally saturated or exhausted?

Actually, Diogo Rebelo and his colleagues at DRI found an answer to that question—a CRM Bus Tour.

DRI is a CRM services provider based in Lisbon, but with new regional offices in Sweden, Denmark and Spain. The company’s origins began as an open source software integrator, but quickly evolved to CRM applications (DRI is a SugarCRM gold partner) and social CRM tools (such as Lithium). The company regularly performs CRM events, but sought out something different to breathe new life and energy into a social CRM topic that needed to be shared in a social way.

DRI’s objectives for the CRM Bus Tour are to increase social CRM awareness, and advise companies how to get started. In my conversation with Diogo, he shared with me that most social CRM case studies and success stories come from the U.S., which has left European business leaders somewhat cautious or skeptical in terms of adopting social business strategies. To increase awareness and provide the needed advice, the CRM Bus Tour has assembled a group of thought leaders with (CRM industry) rock star status, including Paul Greenberg, Brent Leary, Denis Pombriant, Esteban Kolsky and Silvana Buljan.

Presentation topics will include customer engagement, customer experience, the intersection of social CRM & customer service, social CRM for SMB’s and a market movement now being called a subscription economy. The bus tour will kick off October 15th in Stockholm with stops in Amsterdam, Madrid and Lisbon over a two week period.

The tour itself will be a bit dynamic, actually being influenced by comments and participation of the social community. If all goes well, the bus tour may become an annual event in Europe, and even possibly make its way to the U.S. End

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DRI sought out something different to breathe new life and energy into a social CRM topic that needed to be shared in a social way.


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