CRM Evaluation Best Practices


CRM Selection Process, Research Findings, Consultant Insights and Expert Opinions

The Business Case for CRM

A CRM Business Case with research findings that show the CRM financial impact to company revenues and profits - and show CRM ROI.

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CRM Selection Framework

A CRM consultant’s guide to compare, rank and select the best CRM software system for your company 

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CRM Selection Insights

The most powerful CRM Software Selection Insights to save time, lower risk and choose the best CRM for your business.

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CRM Selection Process

A proven CRM evaluation process to reduce time and risk and find the best CRM software for your company.

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Research Shows CRM ROI is 211%

Research shows the CRM ROI is 211%, on average, but can surge to 3 times that figure based on user adoption.

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CRM RFP: Valuable Discovery or Waste of Time?

Most CRM RFPs fail to differentiate CRM software solutions. Here are the CRM RFP failures, fixes and alternatives to do better.

CRM RFP Best Practices

These CRM Request for Proposal best practices save time, reduce risk and lead to the best CRM software application for your company.

CRM Evaluation Checklist

Use this consultant’s CRM selection checklist to choose the best fit CRM software solution for your company in the shortest time.

CRM Demo Script — A Critical Success Factor

Best practices to get the most meaningful CRM software demo, and make the best CRM software selection decision.

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CRM Demos Done Right

How to objectively evaluate, score, compare and rank the best CRM software systems.

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CRM Software Negotiation Strategy

A proven CRM negotiation strategy to reduce CRM software price, accelerate the payback period and significantly improve CRM ROI.

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How to Negotiate a CRM Purchase – and get that CRM Discount

The most effective technique to negotiate a CRM software purchase contract — and get a fair CRM discount. 

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CRM Negotiation Best Practices

CRM negotiation best practices to increase value, lower risk and reduce the CRM software price.

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