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What does it mean for CRM applications to take advantage of consumer technologies?
Consumer Technologies Consumer technologies are part of the B2C or IT consumerization making their way into B2B enterprise software applications. Business applications that tap into and mimic consumer technologies achieve lower learning curves, increased user adoption, faster time to value and greater software utilization (which thereby collectively achieve far greater payback on your enterprise software investment) ...
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Do crm software apps have to be multi-tenant to be software as a service?
saas multi-tenant The short answer is no, however, this question deserves a longer answer. There is a long standing debate about the merits, advantages, benefits and differences between multi-tenant and isolated tenant SaaS architectures. Multi-tenant SaaS CRM vendors such as promote the multi-tenant shared architectural services model and claim that it provides efficiencies in ... 
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What are the differences between contact management and so called real CRM Systems?
Contact Management CRM The ease of online acquisition, near real time provisioning and rapid implementation of SaaS CRM solutions has caused some to believe that they can achieve CRM with an online purchase and the import of their customers to an Internet-based system. In reality, migrating your Rolodex to a browser-based CRM application, without accompanying CRM strategy, is probably at best contact management.
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Is there a general consensus as to whether best of breed CRM systems are better or worse?
Best of Breed CRM There's less of a consensus and more of a historical pattern whereby new technology innovation is brought to market quickly, often as a best of breed point solution, and then over time broadens into a suite. CRM solutions from multiple vendors may deliver unique functionality, but also impose additional risk in integration, additional training for users and additional time and money for administration.
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I'm totally exhausted. We're now switching systems. How can a CRM vendor not practice CRM?
Mad Customer While your situation is not frequent, it occurs more than it should. Just as most buyers would be skeptical of purchasing an accounting software system from a vendor that couldn't produce an accurate invoice, so to should buyers be cautious with CRM vendors who fail to achieve a CRM strategy with their own customer base.



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