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About CRMsearch.com

We’ve been in the CRM industry for more than three decades and this website is a collection of our CRM insights, research findings, best practices and expert opinions.

CRM Implementation Consultant Team

A CRM Thought Leader

Many CRM consultants self-declare themselves to be thought leaders. But to be a thought leader you need to have a thought ... and lead with that thought.

Our thought is all about using CRM to build mutually rewarding and profitable customer relationships. This goal requires a mix of CRM strategy, processes and technology.

To promote our thought, we publish CRM software articles on this site and others, engage with peers and customers on social networks, and perform longitudinal CRM research publications.

We have carved out a unique position in a unique space. We've been in this business for a long time and are not aware of too many others that share our purpose and passion.

We don't follow the heard. We bring differentiated points of view, backed with research-based insights that form our unique services and unique value proposition. We love what we do.

Our professional services include the following:

  • CRM strategy development or refinement – to define the specific approach to improve customer relationships, increase customer acquisitions, grow customer share and increase customer retention. And do these things at the least cost and in the shortest time.
  • CRM software selection projects – to find the best CRM software for your company.
  • CRM software implementations – to partner with an expert CRM implementation consultant to accelerate the deployment and get more value from your CRM software.
  • CRM software optimizations – to unlock more of your CRM software capabilities, grow user adoption and empowerment, and better engage and serve customers.
Johnny Grow

About Johnny Grow

CRMsearch.com is a Johnny Grow website.

Johnny Grow is company of revenue architects. Helping clients accelerate and scale revenue growth is the company’s North Star and singular focus.

We team with clients to engineer combinations of prescriptive growth strategies, evidence-based best practices and supporting technologies (like CRM software) to accelerate company revenues. Our work delivers order of magnitude results, not incremental improvements.

Our principals and staff are prior CEOs, presidents and revenue leaders. We have been in our clients’ roles. We know how it feels to be alone and without clear answers. And we know how to succeed. Our passion is transferring business growth insights, lessons and experiences to our clients. Our purpose is to partner with clients to achieve their growth goals. We are relentless in that goal.