CRM Implementation Services


Fixed fee CRM implementations to achieve the most important user, customer and company outcomes

We are Johnny Grow and we are experts in implementing CRM software applications. Some of our core competencies include the following.

Fast Time to Value for Accelerated Results

Time to value and risk of failure move in tandem. Lower the time to get CRM software live and you lower the project risk. The opposite is also true.

That’s why we use an Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) to get live quickly – often in 30 to 60 days.

Fixed Fee CRM Implementation Services

Our Implementation Framework is a mature methodology that delivers prescriptive guidance, best practices and repeatable results.

It permits us to offer fixed fee CRM implementation consulting services which bring our clients investment assurance and reduced risk of time and budget overrun.

User and Business Outcomes That Matter

CRM delivers the highest user adoption, software utilization and ROI when it directly contributes to the most important user, customer and business outcomes.

These outcomes can be measured in absolute revenue growth, cost savings and CRM ROI to show the true value of your CRM program.

A Better Way to Implement CRM Software

Most CRM implementations state goals in software terms and not people terms. They apply design to software screens and not user experiences. They emphasize software ascetics over usability. They naively add features and functions at the detriment of simplicity and ease of use. They operate under the impression that if they build it, the users will come.

However, three decades of CRM implementation history suggest otherwise. Prioritizing technology over people and software features over business outcomes has driven the staggering and often cited CRM failure rate.

There's a better way. And two overarching success factors.

A CRM application becomes most successful when it drives staff performance improvements and the most important business outcomes. And that requires a shift from routine transaction input and basic reporting to engineering high impact user, customer and company results.

To achieve these objectives and make CRM wildly successful, we apply a CRM implementation methodology that has been refined over three decades. The 4 cornerstones of our approach are shown below.

CRM Implementation Consultant

Here’s a summary of our approach.

  • We apply Agile execution to break up projects into small increments that can be delivered quickly, show measurable value, and build upon progressive achievements. Agile methods can also reduce business interruption during an implementation. We use agile principals, roles, rules and artifacts as a roadmap to a defined destination.
  • Our Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) speeds time to value and lowers risk. It also supports fixed fee consulting engagements. Most importantly, is guides the delivery of an on-time, on-budget, on-quality implementation.
  • Our User First approach recognizes that all benefits start with user adoption. Staff fully adopt CRM technology when the benefits exceed the effort. That's essential because if many of the users don't use the application, it doesn't matter if the software was installed correctly, on time and on budget.

    The simple but often overlooked reality is that most staff will not embrace the application until it helps them do their jobs better. For many businesses that means a shift in technology focus from feeding the system to getting value out of the system.

  • We focus on the most important business outcomes which include things like increasing customer acquisitions, customer lifetime value and customer retention. Achieving these types of business outcomes does not occur as a by-product of software implementation. These benefits are only realized by engineering the application to achieve them.

Our methodology works because it is driven from a proven strategy, supported with use cases, facilitated by technology and measured in terms of user productivity and financial outcomes.

Using CRM to Improve User, Customer and Company Outcomes is our Business

Helping clients apply CRM technology for revenue and financial gain is our core competency.

We are experts with CRM technologies and applying applications to improve staff and business outcomes.

Our prescriptive methods, best practices and acceleration tools bring proven techniques to achieve significant and sustained improvements. Our purpose-built analytics bring visibility and predictability to progress and forecasted results.

And to de-risk our programs, we apply governance, program management and organizational change management programs.

Ready to make CRM wildly successful?  

It's much easier with CRM insights, prescriptive guidance and some expert help. Here are some options.

  • Increase your knowledge with our CRM Implementation Insights
  • Download the CRM Benchmark Report to see the highest impact best practices and how they deliver the most important customer and business outcomes
  • Contact Us if you would like expert help to accelerate your program, progress and results