CRM in the Retail Industry


Retail CRM best practices, research insights and supporting technologies

CRM Software

The Best CRM Software for Retailers

How to select the best CRM software for retail businesses based on the unique CRM requirements of retailers.

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CRM Software

The Top 4 CRM Systems for Retailers

The top 4 CRM systems for retailers based on market share, market growth and industry specific capabilities.

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Retail Technologies

The Most Impactful Retail Technologies

The 9 highest impact retail technologies – loyalty, mobility, social, omni-channel, CX, retail marketing and predictive analytics.

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Satisfied Customer

How to Create a Customer Loyalty Program That Works

A 10 step plan to create a customer loyalty program that promotes the retailers brand, improves the consumer experience and grows revenues.

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The Top 6 Most Effective But Least Used Retail Best Practices

The 6 most under-utilized retail best practices that when effectively deployed deliver impressive results before, during and after the sale.

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Retail Strategies

Why Retail Strategies are in Desperate Need of Change

How retailers can adjust their retail strategies to capitalize on consumers new behaviors, personal technologies and purchasing power.

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Retail CRM Software

How to Succeed in Omni-Channel Retailing

A 10 step omni-channel retail strategy and deployment framework to improve the retailers brand, consumer engagement and revenue growth.

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CRM Retail Technology

Retail CRM Software (Finally) Comes of Age

How Retail CRM software is driving customer experience strategies, omni-channel engagement, loyalty programs and retail marketing automation.

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Retail Showrooming

How To Solve the Retail Problem of Showrooming

The strategies and tactics to mitigate the retail showrooming threat and turn this challenge into an opportunity.

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Mobile CRM

Mobile Retail Execution

Mobile retail best practices for clienteling, mobile marketing, SoLoMo, retail mobile apps, mobile POS and more.

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Retail Technology

A Retailers Guide to Best-in-Class Retail Technology Management

How smart retailers are changing their software technology management to better support users, customers and more fluid business strategies.

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Big Data

Big Data in Retail Examples

Here are 5 Retail Big Data examples that deliver big paybacks.

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Retail robot

How Retail Robots Decrease Stock-Outs and Increase Store Revenues

How retail robots are lowering stockouts, decreasing labor cost, increasing customer experiences and growing retailer revenues.

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CRM in the Retail Industry

All merchandise becomes commoditized over time thereby making product-centric retailers vulnerable. Fortunately, consumer relationships don't deteriorate thereby giving customer-centric retailers a more sustainable competitive advantage. Retailers who leverage CRM to engage consumers, grow customer relationships and deliver relevant, personalized and contextual experiences over the channels and devices preferred by consumers will be rewarded with increased loyalty, revenues and market share.

This retail CRM software channel illustrates how retailers are responding to unprecedented change with business and technology strategies such as Customer Experience (CX) Management, customer loyalty programs and systems, social business, omni-channel, mobile, clienteling, retail marketing, retail analytics and big data.