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  Four Ways to Make Your CRM Software More Productive
CRM Productivity The more effectively you integrate your business processes with your CRM application the more quickly you will achieve your goals and a sustained payback. That means achieving automation, productivity and information deliverability for all customer facing staff – which is not accomplished in a one-time implementation event. Here are four ways to get more out of your CRM investment.
  Aligning CRM Strategy with CRM Software
CRM Alignment Mapping CRM applications to CRM strategy is easier said than done. While CRM system features and capabilities should not be used to create CRM strategy, knowing what to look for and what’s available can help identify opportunities and create workable strategies that can be implemented within the constructs of application software.
  Three Reasons CRM Software Fails to Deliver
CRM Fails The CRM software implementation success record is pretty depressing. Studies have shown than anywhere from 20 percent to two-thirds of all CRM software efforts have either failed to meet expectations or the CRM failed outright. In this article, Rick identifies three top causes and mitigating measures to keep your CRM system implementation on track.
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The Facts, Figures and Forecasts for the Enterprise Software Market
Enterprise Software Market Before diving into a series of editorial articles covering CRM applications and software as a service in each of the global regions we thought we'd set the stage by starting with the big picture — and understanding the enterprise software market size and growth for each region in both absolute and relative terms - and also try to tap into the analyst projections for trends and forecasts.
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Sizing Up The CRM Software Market
CRM Software Market The CRM software market will reach $12 billion in 2012, of which social CRM (SCRM) will consist of $1 billion. "Over the next 3 years, social CRM will continue its exponential rise, Software as a Service will become routine, Salesforce will reshuffle the market order, and consultants and system integrators will sell their own CRM systems," predicted Ed Thompson of Gartner.


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