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The Internet is both a data boon and a time-sink for people looking for solid information on any given topic. Never fear, CRMsearch has done the legwork for you on all things CRM. Here, in no particular order, are the 20 top links and resources for CRM professionals. Which grabs the honor of "best" is entirely up to you, since that delineation depends completely on what you're personally looking for in a resource, maybe that's a strong user community or maybe it's the latest CRM news or maybe it's something else. We've included a short description of each link to help you sort the list at a glance and easily narrow the links down to your personal favorites.

  1. Blogger, speaker and best-selling author, Paul Greenberg is a leading voice in CRM and you'll undoubtedly come across his name frequently in the industry. Although he's been an authority in the field for longer than he probably cares to admit, these days much of his attention is given to the latest development: social CRM (SCRM). For daily doses of Paul's CRM news and advice look to ZDNet or to his PGreenblog.

  2. Analyst and thought-leader Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research Group publishes numerous articles in several CRM magazines throughout the year but he also blogs on front office emerging topics before most of us realize they're the upcoming emerging topics. Denis is always a step ahead of the pack.

  3. UK-based independent consultant and founder of Mareeba CRM Consulting, Richard Boardman specializes in helping mid-sized businesses use CRM more effectively. You'll find his no-nonsense "this is how you get it done" advice at his CRM Consultant blog.

  4. Senior strategist at Ant's Eye View, Christopher Carfi is author of the very popular Social Customer Manifesto, which is technically a marketing blog but it has also earned high marks within CRM circles. The blog doesn't cover much on the technical end of CRM but it offers good insights to the process of CRM, specifically on the social aspect.

  5. Former Gartner analyst turned independent consultant, Esteban Kolsky is one of the most knowledgeable in the field on the broader scope of CRM technologies and customer service as a whole (yes, including SCRM and the entirety of the new customer experience craze). You'll find his advice on both the process and technical ends of CRM at his CRM Intelligence & Strategy blog.

  6. Senior analyst at Forrester Research, Kate Leggett also offers comprehensive CRM coverage from the highly technical to the process vexing at her Forrester CRM blog. One of the few strong female voices in CRM, she ranks high as one of the most technically adept of any gender.

  7. Co-founder and partner of consultancy CRM Essentials, Brent Leary is a smart commentator on CRM for small businesses and has edgy insights to offer like his spiel on the "attention economy" at Brents Social CRM blog.

  8. Distinguished analyst at Gartner, Michael Maoz is quick to spot CRM implementation and strategy flaws and problems and deliver suggested solutions at his Gartner blog.

  9. Former analyst of both Forrester and Altimeter Group turned principal analyst and chief executive officer of advisory firm Constellation Research, Ray Wang brings wit and simplicity to complex CRM topics for beginners and advanced CRM managers alike at A Software Insider's Point of View. He is a brilliant commentator on disruptive technologies and also does some excellent CRM product reviews.

  10. The 1 to 1 media team backed by Peppers & Rogers Group, a customer strategy and relationship marketing firm, includes a rotation of regular posters and guest bloggers including many listed here such as Paul Greenberg. The team covers the gamut of CRM issues playing on the strengths of each blogger and guest.

  11. Church of the Customer bloggers, Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell focus more on the human side of CRM. You'll find everything here from deceptively simple, old school tips such as recognizing a customer's birthday and the value of handwritten, snail-mailed notes to hard core CRM strategy tactics.

  12. Chief customer advocate, Gary E. Lemke is a mechanical engineer by training and now publisher of CRMAdvocate. He aggregates CRM news from over 40 sources and adds his own take in a daily column. He also writes about CRM for several other publishers.

  13. Savvy IDC analyst, Michael Fauscette is not only a talented CRM guy but he's also extraordinary on analytics. His graphs, tables and screenshots make complex information and ideas easy to follow.

  14. editor Chris Bucholtz offers in-depth insights on the intersection of CRM and ERP software. His no-nonsense, although sometimes satirical and detailed approach to the issues is very enlightening. His ability to directly align technology concepts with business insight is unmatched.

  15. India-based social media evangelist, Prem Kumar has organically grown his comical Twitter handle ScorpFromHell into a personal brand beyond his role at Cognizant. His SFH Blog is as lively and sharp as it is stunningly smart. Although no IT topic is safe from his wit and refreshing assessments, he's big on CRM topics too.

  16. has become one of the all time most read blogs; a must read for those wanting to learn more about Customer Relationship Management strategies and technologies.

  17. Social media consultant and principal of Chess Media Group, Jacob Morgan is blogging about social media and social CRM over at Social Media Globetrotter. He's an easy-to- understand brainiac with a ton of useful ideas.

  18. Future-peering, prediction king, Mark Tamis hails from Europe, first from the Netherlands, then New Zealand, the UK and now France, and he's also worked for several U.S. –based companies, the most recent being Oracle and BPM. You'll find his words of CRM wisdom in a number of places from Customer Think and My Customer to the Customer Collective and Customer Management IQ. But you'll find most of his most notable predictions on his personal blog.

  19. Vice president of EuroCloud, Phil Wainewright, has interesting insights into CRM as software-as-a-service (SaaS) in his blog at ZDNet. An ideal blog to follow if you need info on CRM SaaS or from a cloud-use perspective. However, this blog covers more than CRM topics alone.


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