CRM Optimization


Get more value from your existing CRM system

The CRM 2.0 Framework is a 4-step process to get much more value from your existing CRM software investment and surge your CRM ROI.

Apply these best practices to increase CRM value and use more of the technology to improve user, customer and business outcomes.

Advance Your CRM for Improved Sales Results

5 CRM best practices to improve sales productivity, grow the pipeline, increase sales conversions and grow customer share.

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Advance Your CRM for Improved Marketing Results

4 CRM best practices to improve marketing’s contribution to the sales pipeline, company revenues and the company’s brand.

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Advance Your CRM for Improved Customer Service Results

4 ways to improve customer service outcomes, including increased customer satisfaction, lifetime value and retention. 

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CRM Automation Tools

Here are the three tools to simplify, streamline and automate CRM processes — and improve staff productivity by 15 to 34 percent.

The CRM Maturity Model

The CRM Maturity Model is a 4 phase continuum to better engage customers, grow customer share, keep customers longer and improve ROI.

The CRM Evolution

See how Customer Relationship Management is evolving and how CRM software can better serve users, customers and companies.

Voice of the Customer Best Practices

How to design a Voice of the Customer program and use the right tools to improve your products, marketing conversions, sale offers and more.

6 Tactics to Make Your CRM More Effective

Consider these 6 tactics to get more value from your CRM software and more ROI from your technology investment.

Your CRM System is also an Innovation System

See why your CRM software is an ideal innovation information system and how to apply CRM data to create innovative products and services. 

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Innovation Dashboards and Metrics

The four innovation dashboards most needed to demonstrate clear prototyping progress toward market success. 

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Innovation Portfolio Management

How innovation portfolios minimize risk, allocate resources pursuant to prioritized objectives and maximize financial payback. 

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