CRM Selection

CRM Evaluation Checklist

A 5 Step CRM Evaluation Checklist

Use this consultant’s CRM selection checklist to choose the best fit CRM software solution for your company in the shortest time.

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Company Growth

The Business Case for CRM

A CRM Business Case with research findings that show the CRM financial impact to company revenues, profits and CRM ROI.

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CRM Reference Calls – 10 Things to Know

Checking references is a CRM software selection critical success factor. Learn the 10 steps to making effective CRM customer reference calls.

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Top 10

How to Know When It’s Time to Enhance or Replace your CRM

10 criteria to determine if your company should enhance or replace your existing customer relationship management system.

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Corporate Culture

How To Assemble a CRM Selection Team

The CRM selection team should include an executive sponsor, steering committee, IT and cross representation from all affected stakeholders

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The First 5 Factors for Choosing CRM Software

When performing a CRM selection, applying 5 initial screening factors will down select a short list of the best fit applications.

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CRM Best Practices

CRM Selection Best Practices – and Worst Practices

CRM software selection best practices share lessons to make the best decision for your company. The worst practices share what not to do.

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CRM Demo

CRM Demo Script — A Software Selection Critical Success Factor

Best practices to get the most meaningful CRM software demo, and make the best CRM software selection decision.

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Best Practices

CRM Negotiation Best Practices

CRM negotiation best practices to reduce CRM software price, accelerate payback and significantly improve CRM ROI.

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CRM Discount and Negotiation

How to Negotiate a CRM Purchase – and get that CRM Discount

The most effective technique to negotiate a CRM software purchase contract — and get a fair CRM discount.

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