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The ROI of CRM

Research shows the CRM ROI is 211% on average, but can surge to 3 times that figure based on software utilization and user adoption. 

The CRM Market Share Report

The CRM Market Share Report measures the size of the market, forecasts market growth and ranks the top 5 CRM vendors. 

Seismic Shifts in the CRM Software Market

4 shifts in the CRM software market create huge potential to use CRM for more strategic objectives and benefits

The Future of CRM

The next generation of CRM will transition from data management to customer relationships and a whole lot more. Here is the future of CRM. 

What is CRM?

CRM is not software. CRM is a business strategy to grow mutually beneficial and profitable customer relationships. 

5 Steps to Maximize CRM Adoption

CRM adoption is a perennial challenge. Fortunately, there are 5 proven methods to gain wide scale and enthusiastic CRM user adoption.

CRM User Adoption Best Practices

10 CRM user adoption best practices to accelerate time to value and maximize user adoption, software utilization and technology ROI. 

How to Design the CRM User Experience

How to design a CRM user experience that increases user adoption, application utilization and payback on your CRM software investment. 

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CRM Software Benefits that Deliver the Biggest ROI

The business case for a CRM software purchase must demonstrate clear ROI. Here are the top CRM benefits that produce the biggest ROI. 

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Improve the Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Experience

How to improve the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM user experience to increase CRM user adoption, software utilization and technology ROI.

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Mobile CRM -- Why it Fails and How to Succeed

The disconnect with mobile CRM. Why so many mobile deployments do not go well and the right steps to achieve mobile CRM success. 

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Mobile CRM User Experience Best Practices

How to achieve mobile CRM user experiences that increase CRM user adoption, software utilization and technology payback.

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Microsoft Vs Salesforce

This Salesforce versus Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is an independent, expert analysis and comparison of the top two CRM systems. 


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review

This independent Microsoft CRM review evaluates Dynamics 365 CE competitive strengths, weaknesses, limitations and costs.