CRM Strategy


CRM Strategy Insights, Research Findings, Best Practices and Expert Opinions

How to Design Your CRM 360 Degree Customer View

How to create a 360-degree customer view to improve customer relationships and increase customer share, loyalty and retention.

How to Create a CRM Strategy

A CRM strategy implementation framework to increase user adoption, grow customer relationships and improve technology ROI.

The Importance of Measuring Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) calculations, best practices and use cases to maximize top line revenues and bottom line earnings.

The Final Four Competitive Advantages

How to design the final four sustainable competitive advantages to acquire, grow and retain more customers.

CRM Strategy Best Practices

4 CRM strategy best practices to maximize user adoption, business process automation, customer objectives and technology ROI.

How to Create a High-Performance Company Culture

A 6 step framework to build a high-performance growth culture that energizes staff, increases productivity and grows the company.

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A High-Performance Company Culture is Built on 5 Pillars

These are the 5 building blocks to create a high performance company culture, and achieve a sustainable competitive business advantage.

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The 5 Hallmarks of a High-Performance Company Culture

A high-performance corporate culture is a competitive advantage that boosts staff productivity, employee tenure, company growth and profits.

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Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Here's why high-performance growth cultures realize higher revenue growth, higher net income growth and higher company valuation.

How Design Thinking Sky-Rockets CRM Value

How Design Thinking can create far more impactful user, customer and company CRM outcomes, and more successful CRM software implementations.

Voice of the Customer Program Setup and Tools

How to design a Voice of the Customer program and use the right tools to improve your products, marketing conversions, sale offers and more.

Design Thinking for Business Transformation

Here's how Design Thinking can solve tough business problems, improve CRM software success and drive business transformation.