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Lior Arussy Lior Arussy
Lior is the foremost authority on the topic of Customer Experience Management (CEM/CXM). His writings and teachings influence this industry.
Bill Band Bill Band
Bill Band is a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. He is an author and recognized CRM expert and researcher.
Chris Bucholtz Chris Bucholtz
Editor-in-Chief of and analyst relations for SugarCRM, Chris is a seasoned journalist, blogger and CRM industry influencer.
Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg
Author of the best selling CRM at the Speed of Light, Paul Greenberg is the industry's most recognized visionary.
Jesus Hoyos Jesus Hoyos
Jesus Hoyos is a strategist, speaker, blogger, thought leader and authority on the topics of social CRM and CRM in Latin America.
Esteban Kolsky Esteban Kolsky
As a former CRM practitioner and Gartner analyst, Esteban brings a balanced perspective to his research and writings.
Marshall Lager Marshall Lager
A unique personality—to say the least—that blends experience and insight with humor and analogies for memorable take away.
Jeff Kaplan Brent Leary
Brent Leary is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker, award-winning blogger and leading authority on SMB CRM.
Dick Lee Dick Lee
Founder of High-Yield Methods, author of several CRM books and process methodologies, and organizational design expert.
Mitch Lieberman Mitch Lieberman
A CRM, social CRM and customer experience advocate who spends his time bridging the gap between business and technology.
David Myron David Myron
David is Editorial Director, and responsible for the direction and day-to-day operations of CRM magazine and Speech Technology magazine.
Dennis Pombriant Denis Pombriant
Thought leader, author, speaker and analyst, Denis has been delivering original thoughts & research for more than 10 years.
Larry Augustin, SugarCRM Larry Augustin
An open source veteran, who was among the group that coined the term "open source", Larry is now taking SugarCRM to a new destination.
Anthony Leaper Anthony Leaper
Anthony is the SAP Senior VP and General Manager of the company's new Customer Line of Business solutions.
Anthony Lye Anthony Lye
Anthony leads Oracle CRM On Premise and Oracle CRM On Demand, CRM on Demand operations and Oracle's own CRM deployment.
Joe Payne Joe Payne
Joe is the CEO of Eloqua, and a driver behind the increased attention of marketing automation systems.
Larry Ritter Larry Ritter
Larry is the SVP and GM for the Sage CRM Solutions product family which includes Sage ACT!, Sage CRM and Sage SalesLogix.
Brad Wilson Brad Wilson
Brad is the Microsoft CRM General Manager responsible for product management and marketing on a worldwide basis.

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The Lessons and Insights for Social CRM Success
Paul Greenberg To tackle the frequent questions surrounding social CRM planning and adoption—such as how to get started, top benefits, performance metrics, critical success factors and factors contributing to failures—we went to the source. Paul is President of The 56 Group, blogger at PGreenblog and quite literally the guy who wrote the book on customer relationship management.
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Key Considerations for Social CRM Strategies and Deployments
Brent Leary Social CRM Thought Leader Brent Leary provides practical advice for SMBs planning or implementing a social CRM strategy and program—including goals, benefits, challenges, fluid customer behaviors, critical success factors, common reasons for failed programs, and why SMBs are leading the charge in social CRM adoption and success.
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Mobile CRM—Converging Trends, Best Practices & A Recommended Deployment Approach
Bill Band William (Bill) Band, VP and Principal Analyst for Forrester Research, shares highlights and best practices from his recent mobile CRM research. He also discusses specific use cases and business processes empowered by mobility, describes a five step mobile deployment approach and identifies the pitfalls to mitigate when planning your mobile CRM project.
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All Things Cloud—CRM and the Journey to the Cloud
Michael Fauscette Michael Fauscette, Director of IDC's Software Business Solutions Group, shares research data, statistics and insight that demonstrate the factors that most influence cloud adoption by market segment and business benefit—and how IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are evolving to deliver new decision and relationship value to historically transactional business systems.
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