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Design, Automate and Deliver Differentiated Customer Experiences

What We Can Achieve Together

Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Retention

A combination of customer experience (CX) best practices is shown to improve customer satisfaction by 36%, increase Customer Lifetime Value by 9% and lower customer churn by 39% — all within one year.

Achieve a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

According to a Salesforce study, 80% of customers say the experience a company delivers is just as important as its products or services – and leads to achieving customer affinity which decreases churn by 46%.

Earn a Compelling ROI

Research shows that every dollar invested in a CX program delivered $3.56 in additional company revenue.

Successful CX programs pay for themselves in less than one year.

A Better Way

A CX strategy is essential in competitive industries where customers perceive multiple substitutable alternatives and where repeat purchases are required to achieve company revenue objectives.

But while the need is evident, most companies struggle to deliver effective digital experiences across the touchpoints of the customer journey.

According to Gartner, through 2025, 50% of large organizations will have failed to unify engagement channels, resulting in a disjointed and siloed CX that lacks context and disappoints customers. 

To do better, consider the 4-step approach that we have been using for over a decade.


Focus on the Right Experiences

The journey to deliver differentiated CXs starts by identifying the specific experiences that customers want and provide a payback. There's no sense in investing in experiences that don't impress customers or deliver a profit to the company.

Research shows profitable experiences fall into the five categories of company (brand), products, transactions, engagement, and customer support. Designing the successful execution of profitable interactions in these categories drives customer affinity and sustained business growth.

Customer Experience Value Matrix

Leverage a Proven Framework

An implementation framework is needed for systemic execution that leads to predictable results. A proven framework will design, define, de-risk and maximize the likelihood you delight customers and at the same time achieve revenue and profit growth.

Our CX Framework is anchored in industry research, performance benchmarks and evidence-based Best Practices. It engineers the company's response to customer requests to achieve targeted outcomes.

Because it is data-driven it can quantify the investment and time needed to achieve CX objectives and measured payback. A summary is illustrated below.

Customer Experience Framework

The framework engineers CXs that go beyond basic satisfaction and achieve more emotional goals, to make customers feel delighted, appreciated, valued, engaged or rewarded, and make those experiences memorable.


Apply Technology

Most companies already have much of the CX technology they need. That is if they have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Many CRM applications provide the customer data management, process automation and information reporting to deliver highly designed CXs at scale.

It's also helpful to recognize that when designing the supporting technology to automate experience delivery, fewer platform technologies will outperform a slew of piecemeal tools. In the case of CX technologies, less is more.

Customer Experience Technologies

Measure and Improve

Delivering and profiting from superior client experiences is a journey best directed with data and analytics.

Our industry research reveals a small number of highly influential metrics that measure overall customer satisfaction and its impact to business growth.

Our purpose-built dashboards (built in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics) show what’s working and what’s not, so variances can be resolved in near real-time. Our predictive analytics show how changes in execution will impact customer satisfaction, customer lifetime value and customer retention – and their collective impact to company financial results.

Customer Experience Dashboard

When done correctly, delivering differentiated experiences achieves what can mistakenly seem like opposing goals of increasing customer financial measures while at the same time lowering cost to serve.

What Sets Us Apart

We apply some standout differences to achieve better results for our clients.

The seniority and experience of our consultants is unmatched. The average tenure is 24 years of full-time CRM and CX experience.

So, instead of the norm which is a part-time senior practitioner supported by a team of junior staff, our entire team consists of seasoned professionals.

Anybody can get software to run, but only a specialized customer experience consultant can get software to deliver relevant, personalized, and contextual CXs across channels and at each stage in the customer lifecycle. This is what makes us unique.

Our staff are experienced and certified with CRM platforms and CX technologies. We know how to implement these systems and show a financial impact quickly.

Our evidence-based Best Practices are engineered plays derived from research that shows what CX industry leaders do differently than their peers; and how they do it. Repeating these learned actions leads to predictable results. They are also instrumental in prioritizing efforts by investment and ROI and achieving Best-in-Class benchmarks.

When you apply best practices you eliminate experimentation, avoid trial and error exercises, and pursue the shortest path to the biggest successes.

We have a unique focus in helping clients implement CX Centers of Excellence (CoE). A CoE brings scale to scarce and high-demand skills by applying one or a few resources to go deep into certain methods and technologies and then disseminate the insights, best practices and services to others. A CoE leverages technical skills to surpass ordinary standards and achieve extraordinary financial results. Many times, that means driving performance beyond the norm to Best-in-Class standards. Our experience shows these groups can raise ROI by low double digits within 90 days and continuously increase that payback over time.

Flexible Services

We offer flexible services to accommodate different levels of engagement.


Guide Me

An Advisor Approach
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Minimum business interruption

Do It With Me

A Co-creation Approach
  • Maximum collaboration among teams
  • Maximum learning and knowledge transfer

Do It For Me

A Turnkey Approach
  • Fastest time to value
  • Highest performance results

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